Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ | What are period panties?

General Questions

Period panties are innovative, environmentally friendly, comfortable menstrual products that are machine washable and reusable. They look the same as regular panties. Thanks to their smart fabric layers, they quickly absorb and trap the liquid.

Kiklou period panties are ingenious products that we designed by taking advantage of advanced textile technology, taking the needs of menstruating people into consideration. Our panties, consisting of many different fabrics, absorb and trap the liquid quickly, providing impermeability, leak-free period experience and comfort - thanks to their smart layer systems.

The layer that touches the skin is a permeable layer that quickly removes moisture from the skin. Our super absorbent core layer system holds and traps the liquid. Our liquid-tight, leak-tight, ultra-breathable membrane layer keeps your clothes, linens and everything else stain-free. Our durable and resilient outer fabric holds our smart textile layers tightly, providing the perfect support so that you can wear your panties for years.

Kiklou menstrual panties have two different absorbency levels, for days when you bleed light-moderate and for days when you bleed heavily.

The absorbency capacity of our panties, which you can use on days when you have light-moderate bleeding, corresponds to 1-2 regular pads or 2-3 regular tampons. When used on appropriate days, it provides leak-tightness up to 10-12 hours.

Our panties for heavy days have an absorbency capacity corresponding to 3-4 regular pads or 4-5 regular tampons. When used on appropriate days, it prevent liquid from escaping up to 10-12 hours.

Every body is unique. Menstrual bleeding differs also quite different from body to body. Approximately 50-80 ml of blood is released in a single menstrual bleeding. The amount of bleeding will depend on the days, physical activity, method of contraception used, diet, etc. and everyone's "menstrual" normal is their own. Even the shape of your vulva, outer labia, and the angle of your vaginal opening will affect the way you bleed into your panties. In some people, bleeding can be very central, causing fluid to accumulate in the crotch area, in the narrowest place, and this can result the period panties to reach it capacity sooner. However, those who have forward or reverse flow direction can use their period panties for much longer. For this reason, we give intervals for the duration and aim for everyone to figure out the most suitable use time for themselves by paying attention to their unique menstrual flow (hello cycle awareness!). We can guarantee a leak-proof experience up to 10 hours if worn on suitable days; but we remind you that this duration may be longer for many.

How many period panties you will use depends entirely on your menstrual cycle, the intensity of your bleeding, your needs and habits. However, with an average of 5 Kiklou period underwear, you can spend your entire period in comfort. If you wear two menstrual panties in one day, then wash and dry the one you wore, you can switch to the 3rd one the next day. Thus, you create a system where you can spend your period completely in your menstrual panties.

Kiklou period undies are a healthy menstrual product alternative. Our period underwear do not contain harmful chemicals such as chlorine bleach, perfume or dioxin, which are usually found in disposable pads. No chemicals harmful to human and environmental health are used in the production process. Our 100% organic cotton that comes into contact with your skin, used in the inner layer of our panties and in the crotch of some absorbency levels, is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. All of our technical fabrics have been tested in internationally accredited EKOTEKS laboratories, and it has been documented that none of our fabrics contain substances harmful to human and environmental health. If you follow the usage and washing instructions well, you have nothing to worry about!
Kiklou period panties are designed by prioritizing high breathability to prevent odor formation and provide bacterio-static effect. The technical features and positioning of our fabric layers minimize the risk of bacteria formation. Odor is a byproduct of bacterial growth.

Our liquid-tight membrane layer ensures that liquid is trapped in the underwear. The liquid tightness of this layer has been proven by tests and it is not possible for liquid to pass through the barrier layer. As long as you pay attention to the absorbency capacities of our panties with different absorbency levels and to the recommended usage times, your period panties will not leak or overflow. Always take care of your panties in accordance with the care instructions.

However, since each individual's menstrual bleeding and physiology are unique, we strongly recommend that you pay close attention to your flow during your first experience with Kiklou period panties. In some people, bleeding can be very central and this can cause the fluid to accumulate in the crotch area, in the narrowest place, and reach the volume capacity of the menstrual panties sooner (for this reason, we can only give an interval as a wearing time recommendation). However, those who bleed in a forward or reverse flow direction can use their period panties much longer than the recommended time.

Yes! All of our fabrics that make up our period panties are certified. You can find more information about our certificates here.

Size Information

You can find your size by reviewing our size chart. You can find the chart here. If your hip circumference is close to the upper limit of the relevant size in the chart and you experience bloating during your period, we recommend that you buy an upper size period panties. E.g; your hip circumference is 104 cm. This is the upper limit of size L. If you experience menstrual bloating as well, you may feel more comfortable if you prefer size XL 🙂

You can easily find your size by measuring your hips with a tape measure. The hip measurement is the measurement taken from the most protruding part of the buttocks while in a natural, upright posture. It is best to be naked when measuring.

Feet should not be touching each other while standing during measuring. They should naturally stand next to each other. When measuring, you should keep the tape measure parallel to the ground. You should not tighten the tape measure too much or leave it loose. You can measure your hips yourself in front of a full-length mirror or get help from someone.

They are available to purchase here at :) You can also find us at your favorite marketplace. Check our menstrual underwear collection here.

How to use

When the use and care instructions are followed well, Kiklou period panties will last, will not leak, and will continue to keep you dry, comfortable, and free for 3 years or more depending on the frequency of wearing. You can find the instructions here.

The ideal usage time of your menstrual underwear will vary according to your period and its intensity. To determine the duration of use, we recommend that you wear your Kiklou at home for the first time and pay attention to the day of your period and the intensity of your bleeding.

Our users report leak-proof experience up to 10-12 hours. Our recommendation is to wear for a maximum of 12 hours.

It may be hard to understand how "full" your panties are. You will find that you can easily discover when you need to change your panties after a few uses by getting to know your body and your menstrual bleeding better.

You can wear your Kiklou period panties during your period (day or night). You should choose the right absorbency capacity by paying attention to your flow. Our panties alone work wonders; but for your peace of mind, you can also use it as an additional protection to menstrual products such as tampons or cups.

It's also ideal for wearing before or after your period, when you're not sure when the bleeding will start or end. You don't need to worry about staining, and you don't need to stain your regular panties.

If you are using daily pads for vaginal discharge, we have good news for you! For comfort, reduction of waste and to always feel free, all you need to do is to put your Kiklou period panties on.

We have worked hard to develop Kiklou period panties with a more advanced textile technology than its counterparts on the market. We tested and documented the quality of our product. In addition, Kiklou is women owned and founded with 100% capital from women. Our production is realized locally and ethically. You can read more about our values as a brand here. If you like what you read and want to see Kiklou grow, you should choose us.

We know why you're asking this question! You may have seen disposable menstrual panties on the market that look just like diapers. Kiklou's panties are definitely not like diapers (wherever you look at them from). Click here to go to our products page and check out the photos 🙂

Thanks to its layered structure, Kiklou period underwear absorb the liquid quickly and wicks the moisture away from the skin by directing it into the inner layers. Thanks to the advanced textile technology we utilize in our period panties, they have high breathability and dry fast. That's why you won't feel wet while using your panties. Just enjoy the dry feeling.

It's true that our period panties are slightly thicker than regular panties; but thanks to the advanced textile technologies we use, we have designed highly breathable, fast-drying and dry-feeling period panties for you. Many greetings to the tremendous technology that minimizes sweating and the feeling of sweating!

Yes! Our menstrual panties are sufficient, functional and effective on their own. A leak-free, waste-free, comfortable period awaits you when you use our panties at the right absorbency level.

Our period panties, specially designed for heavy bleeding days, can be worn alone for heavy bleeding days. You can wear them wtihout any additional menstrual product. Check out our products with 4 red full drops.

You can change your period panties by knowing your flow. We recommend average wear times. E.g. our period panties for heavy bleeding days may provide leak-tightness for up to 10-12 hours, while our panties for light-moderate bleeding days may provide leak-tightness for up to 10 hours. However, each body and flow are different. We recommend that you try out your period pants at home first a couple of times or in a comfortable environment to find the time interval right for you.

Thanks to its liquid-proof layer, the menstrual panty is a non-leaking, absorbent, menstrual product that you can wash in the washing machine and use alone while bleeding. Washable menstrual panties also provide an environmentally friendly and waste-free menstrual experience.


You can find detailed answers to this question in the Use and Care Guide.

The dryer may affect your period panties' integrity and may prevent them from functioning optimally. We recommend hanging or laying the panties to dry.

Avoid stain removers, bleach, softeners, harsh detergents. Such products may impair the functions of the advanced textile technology of our panties. Try not to wash, neither your period panties nor your regular underwear, with perfumed, synthetic scented detergents. They can cause vaginal irritation. We recommend an unscented detergent with clean ingredients.

Environmental Effect


A menstruating person uses more than 11,000 plastic-containing disposable menstrual products in their lifetime. Products such as pads and tampons create more than 200 thousand tons of waste every year. It takes at least 500 years for these plastic-containing products to completely decompose in nature. It is possible to reduce the amount of this waste! Each Kiklou period underwear prevents hundreds of disposable menstrual products from going to waste.

Kiklou's period panties are vegan. It does not contain any ingredients of animal origin or indirectly derived from animals. Kiklou is against animal testing, none of its products have been and never will be tested on animals.

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