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Leakproof, Washable, Comfortable Period Underwear

Start your eco-friendly menstrual experience now.

Our SS23 period swimwear is now on sale.

Collab | Ayma Active x Kiklou

So many reasons to just love Kiklou.

No leaks, no stains! Up to 12 hours of peace of mind!
Machine washable and reusable.

An alternative to disposable products. Almost zero waste, sustainable menstrual product.


Does not make you sweat, nor irritates your skin. At least as comfortable as your regular panties!

Against Odor

Designed against odor formation. High breathability prioritized.

3+ Year Lifespan

Lasts up to 70 washes when proper care instructions are followed.

What do users think?

Its size, model, absorption, leak-tightness is great, besides how comfortable it feels! I never wanted to take them off. The only negative aspect of it was that I didn't have another Kiklou to wear as I washed and let one to dry :)


I am super satisfied - as someone who always uses tampons, I never expected to like the panties this much.

I never thought I could be this comfortable. It's priceless to feel so comfortable on your period days when you're stressed enough! Glad you're here kiklou! :)
An innovative menstrual product

Kiklou period panties are a leak-tight, comfortable, zero-waste and innovative menstrual product - thanks to its unique design that allows all layers to work in harmony with each other, while also allowing each single layer to perform its task in the best way possible. It can be machine washed repeatedly and be used for many years.

Where can you find us?

It takes at least 500 YEARS for plastic-containing disposable menstrual products to completely decompose in nature. These generate more than 200,000 tons of waste per year. With Kiklou washable period underwear, #zerowasteperiod is possible!
We do not contribute to plastic waste and deliver our products in plastic-free packaging.