Wet Bag - Menstrual Panties Carrying Bag
Wet Bag - Menstrual Panties Carrying Bag
Wet Bag - Menstrual Panties Carrying Bag
Wet Bag - Menstrual Panties Carrying Bag

Wet Bag - Menstrual Panties Carrying Bag

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You wanted it so much, here it is! Kiklou carrying bag for your menstrual panties 🎉 And 🪂 Produced by upcycling waste parachute fabric .

You can safely carry your menstrual panties with the Kiklou Wet Bag , a liquid-resistant, washable, stain-resistant, sustainable carrying bag that is both sustainable in itself and in production. Use it to store your used menstrual panties after changing them or to carry spares with you. Practical, functional and so cute!

Thanks to its light and thin structure, you can fold it to fit in your bag and easily carry it during travels, sports or daily life.

Size: 19x23 cm (Fits 2-3 Kiklou menstrual panties)
Colour: Lilac outer fabric, navy blue zipper detail
Material: Polyester-cotton blend waste parachute fabric

When you need to change your menstrual panties during the day, take out the clean menstrual panties you carry in your Wet Bag and put them on. Hold the crotch of used menstrual panties under cold water and squeeze the crotch as much as possible to drain the absorbed blood (be careful not to twist the layers too much). When the water flowing under you becomes clear, squeeze the excess water with your hand, fold the wet crotch of your menstrual panties inward and place them in your Wet Bag. Your menstrual panties are in your carrying bag until you get home, and your butt is safe in your new menstrual panties!

→ Even though the wet bag is liquid-resistant, it is not completely liquid-tight. So avoid putting soggy pieces in it.

You can machine wash at 30°C or 40°C with similar colors (low speed - max. 800) or by hand.
If you have it at home, we recommend that you put it in a net and wash it.
To ensure a long life of your carrying bag, we do not recommend using softener, bleaching products or ironing.

  • It was sewn from waste parachute fabric.
  • It was produced together with the beloved KEP Association , which works to improve women's social skills and employment and organizes textile trainings, workshops and seminars.

Currently we can only ship domestically :( Free shipping for 1000 TL and above!

Since Kiklou menstrual panties are personal products, we cannot return or exchange them for health and hygiene reasons.

You can look here for more information about delivery and returns.

  • Menstruating people tested and approved.
  • 100% Domestic Production
  • environmentally friendly
  • Plastic Free Shipping

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Seher Ece Kaptan Odabaş
Ürün bilgi

Aynı anda 2ayrı markanın 2şer ürün sipariş verdim. Kiklou ürünün öncelikle kumaşını, ağının en darlıgını, lastik sıkılığı ve bacak kesişini ve en önemlisi kanı tutan katmanın ağ kısmında erken kesilmiş olmasından dolayı hiç memnun kalmadım.