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What are people saying about our leak proof period underwear?*

"I've waited this for years..."

What Did Menstrual Panty Users Say?

I've been waiting for this for years... :)
I am a person with very long periods and a lot of bleeding. I don't want to see any pads or tampons after the 2nd day, actually I am a little disgusted. I am automatically whining during my periods. I tried it for the first time on the 3rd day of my last period. stop spending the whole day, I would continue the next day, but of course, hygiene is essential :). I will try to complete 5 of them immediately and spend every day like this. It is good that you have developed such a product, I have full confidence in the brand, other brands do not seem that well-studied, so I dared to take it from you. LONG LIVE TO BE A WOMAN LONG LIVE SUSTAINABLE WORLD
-Busra A.

Its fit, model, absorption, leak-tightness, comfort is great! I never wanted to take them off. The only negative aspect of it was that I didn't have another Kiklou to wear as I washed and let one to dry :)

- Ceren


The best!

I put on my panties and after the first hour full of fear, I said let's risk it and slept with only the underwear. When I got up in the morning there was nothing! No leak on the mattress, no smell, no slipping, no pad feeling! Well done, it's amazing.

Beyond my expectations
First of all, the packaging of the product was superb. The package is a sign that you did not buy an ordinary underwear. The quality and texture of the product is great. It offers performance. You can use them without hesitation. Tested and approved with light colored pants😊

- Nazlı
It's like a compliment to menstruation!!
It has become a legendary day item for me. Makes my butt feel safe and carefree with its wide absorbent area. I did the cleaning by hand, didn't feel any discomfort, we don't bleed as much as we think friends. I highly recommend you to experience Kiklou, which is be good for both nature and your body.

- Ecem
Another period is possible
Today was my first Kiklou day and I went out in white pants with a lot of confidence. It didn't let me down even after 10 hours. I had an incredibly comfortable day and I didn't use any plastic product. Another period experience is possible and I loved this feeling.

- Goksu


That's it, finally ❤️

I said to myself how have I been deprived of this feeling for years?! Its fit and comfort is incredible, also there are no leaks, no strange smells. Kiklou for the salvation! Good luck 🙏🏻

- V****


Glad you exist, kiklou!

I placed an order with great bias. I was wondering what the experience would be like. I never thought I could be this comfortable. It's priceless to feel so comfortable on your period days when you're stressed enough! Goodbye to pads. Good luck, kiklou! :)

- Cansu


A very convenient and useful product

I was very satisfied. Definitely very comfortable and soft. It does not leak and does not feel wet. My skin is normally very sensitive but it has never bothered my skin. I was happy to know that I was protecting the nature/environment while using it. It is also very easy to use and clean.

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I am super satisfied - as someone who always uses tampons, I never expected to like the panties this much.

- Melis

regl külodu kullananlar ne dedi yorum Dun regl külodu ilk defa kullandım ve denemek için 1 tane aldığıma cok pişmanım

I waited eagerly to get my period to try my underwear, and it was worth the wait! While I was wondering if it would leak, would I be comfortable, I already slept with panties on my very first heavy day. The result is ultimate comfort! Well done!

- Pelin