Regl döngüsü ile Ay döngüsü ilişkili midir?
Dünya’ya yakınlığı sebebiyle denizleri, hayvanları, bitkileri etkisi altına alabilen çeşitli doğa olaylarına sebep olan Ay, vücudumuzu da etkileyebilir mi? Regl döngüsü ile Ay döngüsü arasındaki ilişkiye birlikte bakalım!
Regl ve Uyku İlişkisi
Have you noticed that you are experiencing insomnia when your period is approaching or during your period? From cramps to breast tenderness, from increased appetite to low mood, periods; It is much more than a bleeding process on certain days of the month. Read on to find out the relationship between menstruation and sleep!
Vajinal Kuruluk
Vaginal dryness is a condition that is usually encountered during sexual intercourse and interrupts the intercourse experience. The causes and solutions of vaginal dryness, which is common in people with biological sex, are in our article!
Regl döngüsünde cilt bakımı nasıl olmalı?

There is a very close relationship between our menstrual cycle and our skin. We discussed how the hormonal fluctuations in the menstrual cycle affect our skin and how we should create our skin routine through the menstrual cycle phases. Keep reading!

Vibratörün Keşfi & Cinselliğe Sarsıcı Etkileri Üzerine
Vibrators are vibrating tools that add a different dimension to sexual pleasure and can be designed in different ways. It is a revolutionary discovery as it makes it easier to achieve vaginal and clitoral orgasm. Let's go on a journey of discovery of vibrators together!
In societies where sexuality is seen as taboo, vaginismus circulates like a black cloud on the heads of individuals whose biological sex is female. Read on for the facts about vaginismus, which is based on fear and shame about sexual intercourse.