Our Values

We Care.

About our Bodies.
Our Equality.
Our Planet.

We are fighting the menstrual taboo.

We see with regret what a big taboo menstruation still is. At Kiklou, we aim to accelerate cultural and social change.

We are working on many different fronts in our battle against these taboos at Kiklou:

→ We speak about the unspoken and expand areas of dialogue.

→ We facilitate access to accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive information.

→ We enable people to learn about their own bodies and empower individuals.

→ We make visible the thought structures and behavior patterns that are rooted, which the owners are sometimes not even aware of.

We chase after language, shame, prejudices, superstitions, and structures of thought rooted around menstruation, a physiological process that is so natural and essential to the continuation of the species.

It takes at least 500 YEARS for plastic-containing disposables to completely decompose in nature.

We are working for sustainable menstruation.

One Kiklou menstrual panty prevents at least 200 disposable products from going to waste. We share the interrelated goals of the United Nation's "Sustainable Development Goals", a development model that can meet the needs of today's generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs, and we do not hesitate to take the longer road, slow down, or pay attention to do our part. With sustainable menstruation, we mean the use of alternative, environmentally friendly products for the benefit of the body and the planet during the menstrual cycle.

Sustainable menstruation is to pay attention to the negative effects of disposable menstrual products on our environment with the aim of reducing the plastic waste generated in our oceans, rivers and soils.

Menstrual products containing plastic generate more than 200,000 tons of waste per year.

We defend social gender equality.

We try to communicate in a gender sensitive way, and pay special attention to use a language free from prejudice.

We work to increase personal knowledge and awareness of our community by sharing content that exposes inequality.

We discuss with our team, learn together, and value the horizontal form of relationship based on open communication, exchange of ideas, cooperation and trust.

We advocate change to achieve social gender equality.