How Do Period Panties Work?

Kiklou period panties are ingenious products we designed by utilizing advanced textile technology, considering the needs of menstruating people. Our panties, which consist of many different fabrics, absorb and trap your period flow quickly, providing impermeability and comfort - thanks to its smart layer systems.


Moisture-Wicking Layer

It quickly removes moisture from the body and absorbs the wetness. The top layer provides the moisture transfer and dryness.

Super Absorbent Core Layer System

Super absorbent, multi-layered special layer system that wicks and traps liquid.

Leak Proof Membrane Layer

Liquid-tight, leak-resistant, highly breathable membrane layer.

Sculpting and Durable Outer Fabric

Durable, fast-drying and quality outer fabric that holds our smart textile layers tightly.

Absorbency Levels

Kiklou period panties have two levels of absorbency.
light-moderate bleeding

→ Ideal for the beginning, the end of your period and the days when you bleed light to moderate.

→ Protection equivalent to 1-2 regular pads or 2-3 regular tampons

→ Up to 10-12 hours of use depending on the bleeding intensity

heavy bleeding

→ Ideal for the heavy day of your period

→ Protection equivalent to 3-4 regular pads or 4-5 regular tampons

→ Up to 12 hours of use depending on the bleeding intensity

Breathable, certified fabrics produced with advanced textile technology

Kiklou period underwear are a leak-proof, comfortable, zero-waste and innovative menstrual product - thanks to its unique design that allows all layers to work in harmony with each other, while also allowing each single layer to perform its task in the best way possible.

We pay attention to every detail to offer you the best product and keep our standards very high in the selection and production of our fabrics.

We choose organic cotton.

We use 100% organic cotton in the inner layer of our panties and also in the gusset part of some absorbency levels, which is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. GOTS is the leading worldwide processing standard for textiles made from organic fibers. It is a global standard that sets the standard in all post-harvest processes (including spinning, knitting, weaving, dyeing and production) of apparel products produced with organic fibers (such as organic cotton and organic wool) and includes both environmental and social criteria.

The leak-tightness and breathability of our fabrics have been proven by tests.

All of our technical fabrics have been tested in internationally accredited EKOTEKS laboratories and their functionality has been documented; passing the breathability and leak-tightness tests with high grades. Through testing it has been proven that our fabrics also do not contain substances harmful to human and environmental health.

No harmful chemicals are used in the production process of Kiklou period panties.

Our fabrics are produced in accordance with the OEKO-TEX® 100 standard. The OEKO-TEX® 100 standard is a worldwide standardized testing and certification system for textile products and raw materials in all related processing stages in terms of environmental protection and ecological compatibility, implemented by an independent international organization.