About Us

Kiklou designs smart textiles and produces period panties for a freer, more comfortable menstrual experience and a sustainable future.
Founded by Women

We started with our own bodies, from our own experiences and concerns. We have developed a useful product for everyone who menstruates. Here to be the most assertive brand of the femtech industry in Turkey.

We deserve better designed menstrual products. ✊🏼

We menstruate for an average of 40 years. When we put those days in a row, that's non-stop bleeding for 6 (SIX) years! We give our time. That's why we work for a system where the needs and rights of menstruating people are better defended and recognized.

Hi! We are Hande & Sena 👋🏼

Our friendship started years ago in a car drive to the miraculous world corner of Cappadocia at dawn. Later, it has grown with our common values, similar passions, common concerns, endless curiosity and various kinds of sharing. In 2021, our friendship was crowned with Kiklou.

There is so much we want to achieve with Kiklou. You can read about our values here.

In the world behind COVID-19 and in our country, where many things are quite wrong, we rolled up our sleeves to do our best. We are still at the beginning of the road. We are very excited to meet you! Welcome to Kiklou ❤️

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