Period Underwear Use & Care Guide

How to use and wash period underwear?

Before First Use

We recommend that you wash your panties one time, before using them for the first time.

We recommend this preliminary wash to activate the technology in the absorbent layers of the panties and to achieve the highest level of absorbency performance from the very first wear, rather than for hygiene purposes.

You can machine wash (in low cycle) at 30°C or 40°C without using fabric softener or you can wash by hand.

After Use

After using your period panties, clean them by following the steps below. If you follow the care and usage instructions, your Kiklou period panties will last up to 70 washes, will not leak and will keep you dry, comfortable and free.

Take good care of each other 🥰

Step 1:
Immediately after use rinse under cold water until water runs clear.

Rinse your Kiklou panties under running cold water after each use. While holding the panties under cold water in the sink, squeeze the crotch part into your hands as much as possible to drain the absorbed blood. Be careful not to bend the layers too much.

Step 2:
Machine wash or wash by hand.

You can machine wash (in low cycle - max. 800) or hand wash at 30°C or 40°C immediately after Step 1.

Or you can throw it in your dirty basket and wash it on the next laundry day.

There is no harm in washing it with your other dirty laundry of similar color. We recommend that you wash your period panties by placing them in a net if you have them at home.

You can use detergent; however, we do not recommend softening, bleaching products and ironing in order to preserve our leak-tight technology and to ensure the longevity of your Kiklou period panties.

Step 3:
Dry by laying or hanging

As with all delicate underwear, it is advisable not to tumble dry your Kiklou period panties to avoid damaging the fabric fibres.

You should also avoid drying using strong heat sources such as hair dryer, radiator, iron or even direct sunlight.

After washing, you can dry your panties by laying them “flat” on the dryer or by hanging them from both ends of the elastic without bending the absorbent part. Thus, it will both retain its shape and dry without damaging its absorbent technology.