Period Synchronization

Regl Senkronizasyonu

Have you ever shared a hot water bottle with your roommate or ordered the pizza you ordered while pulling it out of PMS, saying it's large so he'll eat it anyway? You may have heard the theory that women who work, live, and have fun together tend to have periods at the same time. Known as the McClintock Effect, this theory states that in women, pheromones communicate with each other due to physical and emotional closeness, triggering cycle synchronization.

A womb to rule them all...

Martha McClintock, the Harvard doctor who gave the theory its name, conducts research on a group of 135 women living in university dormitories in 1971. The study found that menstrual synchronization increased between roommates and close friends during the school year, but not in women who didn't spend time together. McClintock concludes that menstrual synchrony is the result of spending time together, eating together, or sharing a common stress, and he puts forward the "Alpha Uterus" theory. In other words, one uterus has such hormonal power that it orbits all the wombs around it and causes the others to menstruate at the same time. 

The truth is, in intersecting menstrual cycles...

However, since 1971, a lot of research has been done on this subject, but almost all of them get different results. The counter-argument against McClintock comes from University of Michigan professor Beverly Strassmann in her 1999 article. According to Strassmann, when the average cycle lasts 28 days, the period between two women's periods can be a maximum of 14 days, even 7 days on average. Considering that the menstrual period can last for 5 days, he states that overlapping menstrual cycles are common, in short, menstrual synchronization is an urban legend. According to a recent study with the University of Oxford, the results reveal that your cycle is actually more likely to be out of sync than with someone else's cycle.

Although menstrual synchronization has not been proven, it will continue to create a pleasant feeling of togetherness among people when it occurs. Unity, togetherness is a beautiful thing 😊

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