What is Vaginal Touch and How is It Done?

Vajinal Tuşe Nedir ve Nasıl Yapılır?

We guess that gynecologist examinations are one of the most disliked and feared doctor's examinations 🧑‍⚕️ The cause of anxiety and fear is often unpleasant experiences or ignorance that may arise from negligence. Gynecologist examinations are often postponed for months or even years due to hearsay and insufficient information. We are here to discuss this issue and inform you!

When should the first gynecologist appointment be made?

Experts recommend that young women have their first gynecologist exam or introductory visit to the gynecologist between the ages of 13 and 15. However, every body's needs are different. For this reason, appointment planning can be made before or after these ages, depending on the person.

What should you expect at your first gynecologist visit?

The first examination allows women and young girls to obtain information about their sexual health, reproductive organs and general health status. Gynecologists often provide counseling on sexual health, birth control, the menstrual cycle , sexually transmitted infections, and general health. For this reason, examination before becoming sexually active may be useful.

The first gynecological examination does not have to include a physical check. Doctors can learn about your overall reproductive health by asking questions and performing blood tests. In case of sexual health problems, menstrual irregularities, pain or complaints, she can perform a sub-vaginal examination (vaginal touch) if necessary.

What is Vaginal Touching (Bottom Vaginal Examination)?

Vaginal examination is an examination method usually performed by gynecologists. This examination is performed to evaluate the internal structure and health of the woman's reproductive organs. This examination, performed inside the vagina with the help of a finger or speculum , gives the gynecologist the necessary information for evaluation.

Why is Sub-Vaginal Examination Performed?

Vaginal examination can help regularly examine the female reproductive organs and diagnose potential problems early.

Gynecologists can evaluate the size, shape and position of the uterus through vaginal examination. They can also take vaginal discharge samples during vaginal examination and detect possible infections.

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Vaginal examination is also used to evaluate hormonal changes. It is especially important to monitor changes in hormone levels before or after menopause.

How to Perform Vaginal Touch?

Vaginal examination is usually performed during the gynecologist's examination. Pelvic organs, including the uterus and ovaries, cannot be seen from outside the body. During the examination, the patient is expected to be in a supine position, placing his or her legs in special places on the examination chair in a comfortable manner. First, the external genital area is examined. The doctor inserts one or two fingers into the vagina with one hand. At the same time, he gently presses the lower abdomen with his other hand. In this way, the size and shape of the uterus and ovaries are checked. If there is any tenderness or unusual growth, it is detected.

Vaginal examination is an important examination method for women's health. It helps protect women's reproductive health by providing early diagnosis and treatment.

A gynecological exam can seem scary if you've never had one or haven't had one in a long time. However, it is important to have these examinations regularly for many diseases that are not noticed from the outside and for general health. Our suggestion is to find a doctor who makes you feel good, with whom you can share your concerns comfortably and honestly :)


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Vajinal Tuşe Nedir ve Nasıl Yapılır?

We have prepared a detailed article for you in which we provide answers to questions such as what vaginal touch means, in what situations it is performed, and other information about bottom examination!