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Every person's preferences regarding sexuality are different. This diversity creates colorfulness. While some may prefer a romantic dinner followed by a gentle make-out session on the couch in the dim candlelight, others may prefer to set sail on exciting adventures. What about menstruation? Let's consider this period and preferences when individuals had very clear lines regarding sex. When discussing period sex, let's start with the physiological facts.

Can you have sex while on your period?

It can be done . Menstrual sex is safe, according to scientists. There is no harm in having sex while menstruating, and menstruation does not prevent having sex. Of course, by taking precautions to avoid getting dirty (but getting dirty is also good :) and using appropriate protection methods.

Differences in sexual desire and libido may be observed in menstruating women (as we always say: Every body is unique!); But it is known that many women are eager during their menstrual period, and sometimes even their libido reaches its peak. In summary, both increases and decreases in sexual desire during menstruation are normal situations, and partners should respect the person's current reality.

Are there any benefits to having sex while menstruating? What can we expect from period sex?

Yes there is!

Menstrual bleeding acts as a natural lubricant. So sex can even be more enjoyable than ever.

Having an orgasm can relieve or reduce menstrual cramps . Muscles that relax after uterine contractions during orgasm may contribute to the reduction of pain.

Orgasms are also great for releasing various types of tension in the body. It has sleep aid and stress-reducing effects. They can increase feel-good chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. It can also be used as an effective method to manage stress during menstruation and contribute to our general well-being.

Making love during your period can strengthen the bond between you and your partner. Physical closeness, especially during a sensitive period like menstruation, can bring you closer.

Every action helps break the taboo of having sex during menstruation :)

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Menstrual Sex Taboo

Unfortunately, the menstrual sex taboo shapes not only distorted beliefs about sexuality, but also our view of menstruation.

People who have increased sexual desire during menstruation may be embarrassed by this taboo and misinformation, rejected by their partners, and this negative experience around menstruation may contribute to the menstrual taboo. Sexuality is not something that should make women feel bad or ashamed during their menstrual period, which is completely normal and natural.

Communication with Partner

We know how essential open communication is for healthy, respectful and enjoyable sexual experiences. Communication becomes even more critical when it comes to menstrual sex. Partners should show empathy and strengthen communication during this period. When we menstruate, we should share our feelings about sexuality with our partners. Share your thoughts and wishes about having sex while on your period before intercourse.

Even if you want to make love while you are menstruating, your partner may not prefer this (and these preferences may have deep and complex ties to the menstrual taboo). In this case, it is very important to share your feelings openly and to have a healthy communication based on understanding and respect. If making love is not your mutual decision, you can use this period by exploring other ways of intimacy.

Sex doesn't necessarily have to involve penetration. You can mess around with the clitoris, practice solo, or explore types of sex that don't involve penetration. Erotic massage or play, sex toys can also be a part of sexuality during menstruation.

In Short

If you want, you can have sex during your period. If your partner does not prefer menstrual sex; You should have a frank conversation with him about this. If her reasons include finding "menstruation" disturbing, please remind her what a natural process it is. Respect boundaries; But do not be ashamed of your increased sexual desire during menstruation or think that making love during this period is wrong. Know that sex is not just about penetration and test different forms of intimacy.

BONUS: Will I get pregnant if I have sex during my period?

Yes you can stay. Although the odds are actually quite low; but not impossible.

There is a chance of pregnancy if you have unprotected sex at any time during your menstrual cycle, including during or immediately after your period.

There is no "safe" time during your cycle when you can have sex without birth control/protection and not run the risk of getting pregnant. However, there are periods in the menstrual cycle when the probability of getting pregnant is highest (higher). For example, it is time for ovulation (egg release from the ovaries). Ovulation occurs 12 to 14 days before the start of the next menstrual period. This interval is when the probability of getting pregnant is highest. Another critical information about the pregnancy process is this: Sperm can survive in the body for up to 7 days. So if you had sex before ovulation, if you ovulate within the next 7 days, that egg can be fertilized by these surviving sperm.

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