Can you swim in the sea during your period?

Regl döneminde denize girilir mi?

The pleasure of swimming is wonderful at any time of the year; But especially in summer, we all look forward to jumping from hot sands into cool waters all year long. It doesn't matter whether it is sea, lake, ocean or pool, we are literally counting the days until we can throw ourselves into the cool waters. In this article, we have discussed one by one, whether it is possible to swim during menstrual periods, whether water enters the vagina while swimming, and what we should pay attention to.

What happens when swimming outside of menstruation?

“Can you swim in the sea while on your period?” Before we start asking questions like these, we need to know our body a little bit. The vaginal entrance, where menstrual blood flows, and the urinary opening (urethra) are in the area called the vulva. So what kind of structure does the vulva have? The area up to the anus, surrounded by the outer lips and containing the inner lips, clitoris, vaginal entrance and urinary opening (urethra), is called the vulva. The inner and outer lips usually cover both the urinary opening and the vaginal entrance unless a stretching movement is made.

When you swim during your period or on other days, it is generally difficult to get water into the vagina, thanks to the anatomical structure of the vulva. Experts say there is no evidence that the risk of infection increases when swimming in the sea. However, depending on your swimming movements, a small amount of water may leak into your vagina or come into contact with the entrance to the urinary tract. Therefore, we recommend that you investigate the cleanliness of the water, especially when swimming in artificial water areas such as pools.

Can you swim during your period?

One of the myths that arise for various reasons about menstrual periods is that you should not swim during your period. You can swim in the sea on the last day of your period , in the middle or at the beginning; Contrary to what is said, there is no harm in swimming in the sea during your menstrual period . On the contrary; Moving and swimming can make you feel better during your period.

When swimming, water pressure can work against gravity to temporarily stop the flow of menstrual bleeding; But if you laugh, cough, or sneeze, the pressure may change and a small amount of bleeding may come out of the vagina. In these cases, you can swim with peace of mind while taking care of the bleeding under your menstrual swimsuit .

“Is it possible to swim in the pool while menstruating?” The answer to the question is no different than going to the pool on days when you are not bleeding. As long as you are sure of the reliability of the pool operation and the necessary maintenance of the pool, you can enjoy the cool waters!

How can you swim during your period and manage bleeding? Menstrual Products You Can Use in the Sea or Pool

There are a few ways to manage your period bleeding while swimming. These; We can list these as using tampons, menstrual cups, menstrual swimsuits /swimsuit bottoms . Using pads while swimming is not among these options. Because while pads absorb menstrual blood, they also absorb sea or pool water and swell. In addition, they appear from under and over swimsuits and bikinis, creating a rough, bulky appearance. This situation can create bad scenarios for both your health and comfort. Since tampons and menstrual cups are among the menstrual products placed inside the vagina, many people may not feel comfortable using these products. 


tampons; It is among the disposable menstrual products positioned at the entrance of the vagina. It absorbs the menstrual discharge while it is still inside the vagina and prevents it from coming out. So they can be used while swimming. Tampons swell inside the vagina as they absorb discharge. Exceeding the recommended usage time may lead to various health problems such as Toxic Shock Syndrome. In addition, since they are disposable products, both the production processes and the waste they produce after use are very harmful to our planet.

menstrual cup

Menstrual cups are among the menstrual products that are placed inside the vagina, just like tampons. Thanks to its container-shaped structure, it keeps menstrual blood inside. In daily life; After the discharge accumulated in the container is drained and the container is rinsed with water, it can be placed back into the vagina and continue to be used. This makes it possible to use it while swimming. It is among the environmentally friendly menstrual products because it can be used for years .

Menstrual Swimsuit/Swimsuit Bottom

Menstrual swimsuit is a very special menstrual product developed by Kiklou for the first time in Turkey. It is leak-proof and reliable thanks to the special textile technology we use. This way, you can manage your menstrual bleeding while swimming comfortably.
The most comfortable answer to how to go to the sea/pool while menstruating is menstrual swimsuit bottoms. Menstrual swimsuit is not only a savior of summer holidays, but also an important swimming costume that female swimmers can use at any time of the year to swim during their menstrual periods . You can use the menstrual swimsuit alone or with a tampon or a menstrual cup, which is an environmentally friendly menstrual product alternative.

What should you pay attention to when swimming during your period?

Wet Swimsuit

You can go to the sea and swim while you are menstruating. You don't need to avoid swimming. Not from swimming; However, the possibility of a vaginal infection may increase due to wet swimsuit bottoms. That's why we strongly recommend that you change your wet swimsuit when you get out of the sea/pool.

Doctor's Recommendation

If your doctor does not recommend you to go to the sea or pool due to an illness you have, you should definitely listen to him. If you have a health problem that prevents you from using menstrual products placed inside the vagina, you can tell your doctor about menstrual swimsuits and find out from your doctor whether you can swim in menstrual swimsuits depending on your health condition.


Don't worry, you're safe! There is no valid reason to fear that sharks are very sensitive to the smell of blood and that if we swim while menstruating, they will smell it and grab a bite from our butt. There is no record of a shark attack on someone swimming during their period in the world. On the contrary, there are numerous examples where many people diving during their menstrual period completed their dives safely. Yes, sharks have an extraordinarily strong sense of smell. With this ability, they can smell their prey from hundreds of meters away. However, trusting science and data is always a logical decision. There is no evidence of a correlation between menstruation and shark attacks. :)

What are the benefits of swimming during menstruation?

Swimming during your period or on days when you are not bleeding; It is an important activity as it relaxes the muscles and joints and is good for the mood and the way the brain works. According to one study, swimming during PMS has been shown to have a beneficial effect on many of the physical and psychological symptoms of PMS. The hormones produced during swimming relax the body and mind. The endorphins released especially during exercise are also like a natural painkiller.

Swimming is also a great way to cool off in the summer heat and relieve the stress accumulated in the body throughout the day.

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