Super Black Brief
Super Black Brief
Super Black Brief
Super Black Brief
Super Black Brief
Super Black Brief

Super Black Brief

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This leak-proof, absorbent, waste-free, odor-free and comfortable high-waisted period underwear is designed with advanced textile technology for you to wear on heavy bleeding days of your period. Wraps your butt for extra protection. 🍑

Provides protection equivalent to 3-4 regular pads or 4-5 regular tampons, keeps the moisture away.

It is machine washable and can be worn for years.

Fabric Components:
Inner Fabric: %100 Organic Cotton
Gusset Top Layer: %95 Polyester, %5 Elastane
Gusset Interlayers: %100 Polyester, PU-Membrane
Outer Fabric: %80 Polyamide, %20 Elastane

→ By itself on bleeding days suitable for the absorbency level of your period panties,

→ When you can’t predict when your period will arrive,

→ On days of spotting before or after menstruation,

→ Combined with other menstrual products,

→ You can also use it for vaginal discharge.

You won't believe the peace of mind period panties will create 😉

1. Soak in cold water immediately after use. 🚿

After each use, wash out the absorbed blood by putting the Kiklou panties under cold water.

2. Machine wash or wash by hand. 🌊
You can machine wash at 30°C or 40°C with similar colors (low cycle - max. 800) or wash by hand. We recommend that you wash the panties by placing them in a net if you have it at home.

We definitely do not recommend softening, bleaching products and ironing in order for the period panties to last longer.

3. Dry by laying or hanging. 🌬️
You can dry your panties by laying them flat or by hanging them from both ends without bending the absorbent/gusset part. If the environment is not very humid, it will dry and be ready for use again in an average of 8-10 hours.

It takes at least 500 years for disposable menstrual products containing plastic (pads, tampons) to decompose completely in nature. One Kiklou menstrual panty prevents hundreds of disposable products from going to waste. Kiklou period panties are sustainable menstrual products, alternatives to products that do not easily decompose in nature and cause environmental pollution.

Currently we can only ship domestically :( Free shipping for 1000 TL and above!

Since Kiklou menstrual panties are personal products, we cannot return or exchange them for health and hygiene reasons.

You can look here for more information about delivery and returns.

  • Tested and approved by menstruating people.
  • %100 Locally Manufactured
  • Eco-friendly
  • Plastic-free Shipping

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews

Bir arkadasim önermisti. Cok kaniyorum diye sizdirir mi endisem vardi acikcasi ama bende hayalkirikligi yaratmadi. Cok rahatti ama 1 tane yetmez asla, kampanya yakalayaip stoklamak lazim. Kargosuda cok hizliydi

Müthiş konfor

Ürün aşırı kullanışlı temizliği de çok rahat kullandığınız zaman hissetmiyorsunuz bile herhangi bir rahatsızlık duymuyorsunuz çok konforlu üstelik çok da hesaplı! :)

Kiklou ile özgürce kanamak!

Kiklou’yu ilk kez geçtiğimiz ay kullandım. Çekingen bir şekilde denedim ama çok çok memnun kaldım. 2. regl günümde (en yoğun gün) kiklou külodum ile pilates dersime gittim. Hem ders çok rahat geçti, hem de hiç sızdırmadı. İki tane külot almıştım, bir normal bir de yoğun günler için. Fakat ilk deneyimden sonra keşke 3lü paket alsaydım dedim, kullanım süreleri, yıkama/kuruma süresi açısından daha mantıklı üç tane külot olması bence. Kiklou iyi ki varsın!

Great quality and best period panties

I've been using Kiklou products for five months now. And this is the best thing I have ever used during my period. In my first order, I bought 4 pairs of panties, different models to try, to understand which ones would be more comfortable for me. Moreover, I initially ordered the same ones, and only after placing the order I realized that I should have ordered different ones, in case another model turned out to be more comfortable. Therefore, I immediately wrote to the support service and asked to replace some panties with another model. And I would like to especially thank the support staff, they responded instantly and replaced everything as I wanted. Thanks a lot to them! I would also like to note that the delivery is super fast, which is very nice. I received my order the next day after the purchase. In a word, the service and customer focus are excellent. As for the panties themselves, they perform their functions perfectly. And of all the models, the briefs turned out to be the most convenient for me. They give a complete feeling of security and comfort. The bikini models have a little pressure on the leg cutout, although the size is correct and the same as the brief’s models. As I wrote earlier, I initially bought 4 panties. and during use, I realized that it would be more convenient to have at least 6 pieces. This is the minimum that I need for one menstrual cycle. Therefore, I bought 2 more of the brief model, but there is no guarantee that I won’t order more))) Very comfortable, perfectly absorbent. And even on the most intense days, I’m no longer afraid to get up from the sofa or bed, I know that kiklou can handle the flow 😅 Before purchasing, I doubted whether I would have the feeling of wet underwear. But practice has shown that there is no such feeling. Everything is quickly absorbed and does not leak. In a word, I am very pleased with kiklou products. I recommend it to everyone, because your life will change before and after. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t buy or use them earlier.

ayça bayrak
kiklou demek rahatlık demek

Kiklou ile tanıştığımdan beri regl dönemindeki konforum inanılmaz arttı. Henüz denemedim ama regl bikinisini de aldım bu yaz deneyeceğim :) Eğer alıp almamak konusunda kararsız kaldığınız için burayı okuyorsanız, kiklou'ya bir şans verin, bence pişman olmayacaksınız.

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