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Super Black Bikini Regl Külodu (Beden)
Super Black Bikini Regl Külodu (2) (Beden)

Regl külodumuz Super Black Bikini'den 2 adet içeren bu set ile regl külodu kullanmaya daha avantajlı fiyatlarla başlayabilir ya da koleksiyonunu genişletebilirsin.

Sıvı geçirmez katmana sahipemiciatıksızkokuya karşı ve konforlu düşük bel bu regl külotlarımız, reglin yoğun günlerinde giymen için ileri tekstil teknolojisiyle tasarlandı.👌🏽

3-4 normal pede ya da 4-5 normal tampona denk koruma sağlar, kuru hissettirir.

Makinede yıkanabilir ve senelerce giyilebilir.

Kumaş Bileşenleri:

Tene Değen İç Kumaş: %100 Organik Pamuk
Tene Değen Ağ Üst Kumaş: %95 Polyester, %5 Elastan
Ağ Ara Katmanları: %100 Polyester, PU-Membran
Dış Kumaş: %80 Poliamid, %20 Elastane

→ By itself on bleeding days suitable for the absorbency level of your period panties,

→ When you can’t predict when your period will arrive,

→ On days of spotting before or after menstruation,

→ Combined with other menstrual products,

→ You can also use it for vaginal discharge.

You won't believe the peace of mind period panties will create 😉

1. Soak in cold water immediately after use. 🚿

After each use, wash out the absorbed blood by putting the Kiklou panties under cold water.

2. Machine wash or wash by hand. 🌊
You can machine wash at 30°C or 40°C with similar colors (low cycle - max. 800) or wash by hand. We recommend that you wash the panties by placing them in a net if you have it at home.

We definitely do not recommend softening, bleaching products and ironing in order for the period panties to last longer.

3. Dry by laying or hanging. 🌬️
You can dry your panties by laying them flat or by hanging them from both ends without bending the absorbent/gusset part. If the environment is not very humid, it will dry and be ready for use again in an average of 8-10 hours.

It takes at least 500 years for disposable menstrual products containing plastic (pads, tampons) to decompose completely in nature. One Kiklou menstrual panty prevents hundreds of disposable products from going to waste. Kiklou period panties are sustainable menstrual products, alternatives to products that do not easily decompose in nature and cause environmental pollution.

Currently we can only ship domestically :( Free shipping for 1000 TL and above!

Since Kiklou menstrual panties are personal products, we cannot return or exchange them for health and hygiene reasons.

You can look here for more information about delivery and returns.

  • Tested and approved by menstruating people.
  • %100 Locally Manufactured
  • Eco-friendly
  • Plastic-free Shipping

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