Recommendations for Vulva & Vagina Health

Vulva & Vajina Sağlığı Hakkında Öneriler

Vulva and vagina are two names that are closely intertwined and often confused with each other. In our article, we have included what you can do to protect the health of your vulva and vagina. Before moving on to them, we think that it is very important to learn the difference between vulva and vagina and where they are located on your body so that you can get to know your body. Here are the definitions of vulva and vagina!

It is the area where the external genital organs are located. The vulva, which is surrounded by the outer lips, includes the inner lips, clitoris, vaginal entrance and urinary hole (urethra) and covers the area up to the anus.

Vagina is the name of the canal extending from the cervix to the vulva, where the external genital organs are located. It is inside the body. The vagina has a flexible muscular structure. The bleeding that occurs during menstruation is expelled through this channel. At the same time, sperm released from this channel where the penis enters can fertilize eggs. During the birth process , the baby is delivered through the vagina.

Since the vagina is an organ that starts from the uterus and opens out of the body , it has a very sensitive flora. The vulva can protect the vagina against external threats thanks to the inner and outer lips, so cleaning the vulva is of great importance.

Below are the things you should pay attention to when cleaning the vulva and vagina.

How should the vulva be cleaned?

You can use clean and warm water when washing your vulva, which has a sensitive structure. Extremely cold or hot water can irritate the sensitive area.
Water alone will be sufficient for cleaning; However, if you want to use products such as soap and shower gel, we recommend that you examine their ingredients and be careful to avoid contact with the entrance to the vagina.
Washing process; By separating the outer and inner lips, you can delicately circle the folds using your hands or a clean cloth.
Remember, every vulva is unique, no one knows its curves better than you.

Especially after going to the toilet, you should definitely clean your vulva from front to back (anus). You can use the practice of cleaning from front to back, taking care to clean the area around the anus after defecation. Thus, bacteria coming from the anus cannot harm the vagina.

How should the vagina be cleaned?

This is a trap question. Vagina; An organ that has its own flora and contains glands. In order not to disrupt the unique flora of the vagina, routine cleaning procedures such as pouring water into the vagina and vaginal douching are not recommended. We strongly recommend consulting a gynecologist before performing such cleaning procedures.

If you have questions about how to protect the health of your vagina, which does not require washing and cleaning, do not stop and continue reading.

Things you should pay attention to in your clothing habits

  • First of all, you should make sure that the parts of the panties you use that touch your body are made of cotton .
  • You can stay away from models that are too tight, do not breathe, and may irritate your vulva and vagina .
  • You should make sure that the laundry detergent you use is rinsed thoroughly and that there is no detergent residue left on your panties.
  • For your vaginal health, it is important to keep your vulva dry and not damp/wet.
  • After exercising, you can wear clean underwear after cleaning and drying the vulva and its surrounding area from sweat, and you can change your wet swimsuit after swimming.

Things you should pay attention to during your periods

  • Stay away from scented or perfumed menstrual products.
  • Pay attention to the change/renewal times of the menstrual products you use.
  • Be careful not to skip the vulva cleaning routine during your period.

Recommendations for using shared toilets

  • You can start by covering the toilet seat with napkins or disposable paper.
  • To prevent the dirty water inside the toilet from splashing, you can flush it before sitting on the toilet or cover the water with toilet paper.

Things you should pay attention to in sexual relations

  • If you want to use lubricant; You can choose odorless and perfume-free ones and examine their contents.
  • In intercourses that involve penetration, you should make sure that your vagina is sufficiently wet .
  • Condoms must be used to protect against sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Urinating after vaginal sex may protect the vaginal entrance against infections. Afterwards, you can clean your vulva with warm water and remove any residue.

Vaginal health and water consumption

While water consumption is very important for your general body health, it is also important for vaginal health. Because when the body is dehydrated, a chain of dryness is observed in the body, and the flora of the moist vagina may also dry out and deteriorate, and various diseases may occur. In order for the glands in the vagina to function properly, the body's daily water need must be met. Regular and sufficient water consumption can positively affect vaginal health , prevent itching and drying, and prevent yeast infection.

One of the most important ways to protect vagina and vulva health is to have regular gynecological examinations . Especially,

  • Pain during intercourse,
  • A mass or protrusion in the vagina,
  • Change in color, odor or amount of vaginal discharge,
  • Vaginal redness or itching,
  • If you experience vaginal bleeding between menstrual periods, after sexual intercourse, or after menopause, we recommend that you make an urgent appointment with a gynecologist.

You can check out our blog post to learn about the role of vulvar hair in vagina and vulva health .
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