What is masturbation?

Mastürbasyon nedir?

Masturbation; A wonderful communication you have with your body! It is an enjoyable activity that you can do by touching and massaging your genitals along with the sensitive (erogenous) parts of your body, and sometimes with the help of sex toys, in order to find and feel your own pleasure points and achieve the rhythm that suits you.

Generally, the first masturbation experience occurs in adolescence, regardless of gender, as the person's self-awareness and urges increase. However, before this period, we experience a period called the phallic period between the ages of 3 and 6, when we discover our body. The main reason why we touch our genitals during this period is to get to know our body and make sense of it. The reactions we receive to our behavior during this period (e.g., getting angry at a child who touches her vulva, praising a child trying to understand his penis for no reason, etc., giving restrictive or unfair space, etc.) constitute a large part of our adult life and have a positive/negative impact on our sexual life. Based on the reactions you may have encountered in your childhood, you can review your current experiences and increase your awareness.

Masturbation is a common sexual behavior that people of all ages and sexual identities experience from childhood, youth, adolescence and adulthood, and it is extremely normal. It is an important journey of discovery for a person to get to know his own body, to experience what is good for him sexually, and to gain sexual self-confidence.

Let's look together at the benefits of masturbation, which opens up a pleasant space for us to get to know ourselves!

What are the benefits of masturbation?

It can reduce stress levels.
It can provide better quality sleep.
It can improve mood.
It can reduce anxiety and depression.
It can provide mental and physical comfort.
It can make you feel more enjoyable and fun.
It can reduce cramps.
It can reduce sexual tensions.
It can increase self-esteem.
It can increase sexual self-confidence.
Partnered sex can improve your life.
It can help you better understand sexual desires and needs.

According to a foreign study proving the benefits of masturbation, it is stated that among married women, women who masturbate experience more orgasms in their marriages and sex lives, have higher self-esteem and have higher sexual satisfaction .

You Can Masturbate Together

You can think of masturbation as an activity that you usually do alone, sometimes involving sex toys; But now is the time to go out of the box! Because when you are side by side with your partner, it can be an exciting and enjoyable experience that you can add to your sexual life. Why not?

Situations to Consider

It is necessary to mention that while masturbation has benefits, there may also be conditions that need to be taken into consideration.

Especially with the change of hormones during pregnancy, individuals may experience high sexual desire, at which point masturbation can offer a very healthy solution. Additionally, having an orgasm can reduce back pain and cramps. However, it is very important to get doctor's permission and advice before such activities for low-risk pregnancies and people with a potential risk of premature birth .

As long as it is done consciously, masturbation is healthy and beneficial and has no known harmful side effects. Today, in certain societies, masturbation is still considered a cultural, spiritual and religious taboo, and even talking about it is considered "shameful". Individuals may feel guilty about masturbating in these repressive societies.

If you feel guilty, you can share it with someone you trust or get professional support. Therapists who specialize in sexual health can help you overcome feelings of shame.

If masturbating has started to prevent you from fulfilling your daily activities, work, school, plans with your family and friends , you may be spending too much time on masturbation.

If you're worried you're masturbating too much, you might consider talking to a doctor or counselor about ways to cut back. If you want to masturbate less, you can get talk therapy. You can also try reducing masturbation by replacing it with other activities. The next time you want to masturbate, you can remind yourself to go for a walk, socialize with friends, write something.

We hope we have cleared up any questions you may have about masturbation. But we would also like to share a few urban legends with you.

No; Masturbating does not reduce fertility.
No; Masturbating does not cause hormonal imbalances.
No; Masturbating does not change the size and shape of the penis.
No; Masturbating does not reduce sperm count.
No; Masturbating does not reduce sexual desire.

We like to focus on the legendary experiences we will have while exploring our body, not on urban legends. Without guilt, without shame, freely...

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