A Menstrual Fact: Menstrual Poop

Bir Regl Gerçeği: Regl Kakası

Today we will talk about a menstruation fact that is almost never talked about. From menstrual poop 💩 If you are observing changes in your digestive system just before and during your period, congratulations, you have menstrual poop symptoms like a light ball. 🎉 Your period can disrupt your digestive system; can make you diarrhoea or constipated. The change in bowel movements will differ from person to person.

One of the possible causes of frequent pooping (or even diarrhea) is prostaglandin components.

Just before menstruation begins, the decrease in progesterone and estrogen hormones triggers the secretion of prostaglandin (hormone-like substance). This substance is the one that allows the bleeding process to take place by advising the muscle cells to contract and relax. Sometimes intestinal cells also hear the contraction call of prostaglandin (uterus and rectum are very close to each other). We quickly run to the toilet because of our gut, which is put to work by the contraction call. It should be noted that some females experience the effect of prostaglandins on the intestines as nausea.

The culprit of constipation before menstruation may be the hormone progesterone.

Progesterone is an important hormone for maintaining pregnancy. It causes deceleration in all smooth muscles. For this reason, the residues in your intestines cannot progress as fast as in your normal routine and constipation occurs. Once the body realizes that she is not pregnant, progesterone drops rapidly and the intestines return to their normal functioning.

Another reason for menstrual poop can be changes in our eating habits. What you've overcome in PMS may be forcing you to spend more time on the toilet. Be mindful of what you eat and your toilet routine.

In summary, it is not abnormal to have changes in the consistency, frequency, and smell of your poop before and during your period. There is such a thing as menstrual poo. 💩

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