A Period Truth: Period Poop and Diarrhea

Bir Regl Gerçeği: Regl Kakası

Today we will talk about a fact about menstruation that is almost never talked about. From menstrual poop 💩 If you observe changes in your digestive system right before and during your period, congratulations, you have the symptom of menstrual poop like a ball of light. 🎉 Your period may disrupt your digestive system; It may make you diarrhea or constipated. The change in bowel movements will vary from person to person.

One of the possible causes of too frequent pooping (or even diarrhea) is prostaglandin compounds.

Just before menstruation begins, the decrease in progesterone and estrogen hormones triggers the secretion of prostaglandin (hormone-like substance). This substance is what allows the bleeding process to occur by instructing muscle cells to contract and relax. Sometimes the intestinal cells also hear the contraction call of prostaglandin (the uterus and the rectum are very close to each other). We quickly run to the toilet because our intestines start to work with the call to contract. It should also be noted that some females experience the effect of prostaglandins on the intestines as nausea.

The culprit of constipation before menstruation may be the progesterone hormone.

Progesterone is an important hormone for maintaining pregnancy. It causes a slowdown in all smooth muscles. For this reason, the residues in your intestines cannot move as quickly as in your normal routine and constipation occurs. When the body realizes that it is not pregnant, progesterone drops rapidly and the intestines return to normal functioning.

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Why do we have diarrhea during menstruation?

Constipation, which may occur during PMS , may be replaced by menstrual bleeding and diarrhea with the release of prostaglandin. The intestines, which slow down during PMS, begin to contract due to the hormones that trigger menstruation. Thus, the nutrients reaching the intestine are expelled without being absorbed by the pushing force of the muscles. Welcome, menstrual diarrhea! The function of the prostaglandin hormone during the menstrual period is to ensure the contraction of the uterine muscles, which consist of smooth muscle, and the expulsion of the uterine wall. When secreted at high rates, it can cause cramps. Yes, when you feel intense cramps, unfortunately, your chances of having diarrhea are quite high. :(

Another cause of menstrual poop may be changes in our eating habits. Food cravings in PMS may force you to spend more time on the toilet. Don't forget to pay attention to what you eat and your toilet routine.

In summary, it is not abnormal for there to be changes in the consistency, frequency and smell of your poop before and during your period. There is such a thing as menstrual poop. 💩

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