Yaz mevsiminde çekilen turkuvaz bir deniz fotoğrafı. Ufuk çizgisinde Türkiye'nin İlk Regl Mayosu Coming Soon yazıyor. Yaz mevsiminde çekilen, gün batımında bir deniz fotoğrafı. Ufuk çizgisinde Türkiye'nin İlk Regl Mayosu Coming Soon yazıyor.
A first in TURKEY
Menstrual Swimwear: SPLASH

Our menstrual swimsuit bottom Splash is coming soon!

Developed by utilizing the advanced technical textile technology of our menstrual panties, our menstrual swim bottoms are designed for you to wear while swimming on light bleeding, discharge and spotting days. Reliable, functional and perfect thanks to absorbent and sealed mesh technology.

For beach fun, surf time and happy hour 👌🏽

An innovative swimwear for those who want to enjoy the sea, sand and salt instead of sitting on the beach in their shorts, which will delight those who lose their taste because their menstruation has coincided with a holiday.

Frequently Asked Questions About Menstruation & Swimming

You can swim and swim while you are on your period. You don't need to avoid swimming. Whether you are on your period or not, when you swim, water does not get into your vagina. Experts say there is no indication that the risk of infection increases when swimming in the sea. A vaginal infection is much more likely due to wet bikini bottoms, not swimming.

When swimming, the water pressure can work against gravity, temporarily stopping the flow of menstrual bleeding; but if you laugh, cough or sneeze, the pressure may change and a small amount of bleeding may come out of the vagina. In these cases, while the Kiklou menstruation swimsuit gold Splash takes care of the bleeding, you can swim with peace of mind. Once you're done swimming and out of the water, your menstrual bleeding will resume its normal flow. For this bleeding, you can use a Kiklou menstrual swimsuit bottom Splash, tampon or cap.

Swimming pools contain small amounts of body fluids such as urine and sweat, but the water is often chlorinated to prevent the spread of disease. In short, you do not endanger anyone's health by swimming in the pool during your period. When you enter the pool, the probability of any vaginal infection is much less than a skin infection from water that touches your whole body, an ear infection from water that enters your ear, or stomach disease from water you swallow. When entering the pool, it is enough to make sure that the hygiene of the pool is delivered to safe hands.

Wet swimwear and bikini bottoms can cause pH changes in the vagina and vulva, which can cause irritation and eventually a yeast infection. You'll greatly reduce your risk of yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis if you take off your wet swimsuit and wear a dry one after swimming.

:) :) Don't worry, you're safe! There is little reason to fear that sharks are very sensitive to the smell of blood and that if we swim while on their period, they will smell it and grab a bite from our butt. There is no record of a shark attack on a menstrual swimmer in the world. On the contrary, there are countless examples where many people who dive during their period have completed their dives safely. Yes, sharks' sense of smell is extraordinarily powerful. With these abilities, they can smell their prey hundreds of meters away. However, relying on science and data is always a logical decision. There is no evidence of a correlation between menstruation and shark attack. :)

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