What is Vaginal Gas? Why Does It Happen?

Vajina Gazı Nedir? Neden Olur?

You're in the middle of a peaceful yoga class or heart-pumping lovemaking and a sound comes from your vagina. A sort of "zort," a vaginal fart like what we hear after ketchup escapes from its bottle.

These sounds can be embarrassing for the person making them; But your vagina isn't actually trying to embarrass you. There is a simple explanation for this situation.

What causes gas to come out of the vagina?

We compare the sound made by the vagina to a fart; But the gas coming from the vagina has no smell and is not like the gas that occurs in the intestines due to the food you eat. This "vaginal fart" is when air enters an area that has no exit (there is a joke here, but we couldn't find it) while the penis, fingers or sex toys are going in and out of the vagina, and the air trapped inside creates a sound that produces gas like a balloon. It is the release of air trapped in the vagina. Although there is no special name for the situation in Turkish, the word ' queef' describes this action in English.

According to experts, some individuals with a vagina are more prone to passing vaginal gas than others. The reason for this change lies in the fact that the shape and length of the vaginal canal varies from person to person.

Can I prevent this sound from occurring during sex?

Our answer is not encouraging because there is not much you can do. Speaking specifically about sex, you can reduce the risk of noise by choosing sex positions where the vagina gets less air, but the pleasure you will get may also decrease.

As long as vaginal gas is not accompanied by a bad odor or foul-smelling discharge, it is not a cause for concern. Next time, try not to listen to the sound that comes out in the middle of a passionate lovemaking session and enjoy the moment, enjoy yourself!


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