Vaginal Probiotics

Vajinal Probiyotikler

Does yogurt ferment in the vagina?

Have you heard of Cecilia Westbrook fermenting yogurt from her vagina? Six years ago, when she was a PhD student, Westbrook used her vagina to ferment yogurt. Defining the taste of the yogurt he makes as sour, sharp and bitter, Westbrook's aim is of course not a yogurt that he can use as a base for his granola for breakfast. Its main goal is to create an environment that can benefit the vaginal flora by using its own microorganisms.

What's going on in the vaginal microbiome (vaginal flora)?

Although there are similarities, all vaginas are unique. Your vaginal flora is in a natural balance with hormones, bacteria (good and bad) and acidic ratio (pH4.5). Drugs, variable hormones, weak immune system, sexual partner variability When the balance here is disturbed, the good bacteria (mostly lactobacillus) are taken over by the bad bacteria. This can cause bacterial vaginosis, fungal and urinary tract infections .

Does the vagina need probiotics?

Vaginal probiotics step in to increase the good bacteria in the vaginal ecosystem and maintain the balance. But do your vaginas really need probiotics, just like your intestines? His answer is still open to debate.

Although several studies have shown that vaginal probiotics can be beneficial, scientists do not have enough evidence that these supplements are safe and beneficial. Assistant Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology at Harvard Medical School. Assoc. Dr. Caroline Mitchell says, " There is almost no evidence that these drugs benefit vaginal health. Studies are often poorly done and do not meet stringent reporting standards, even if they are randomized controlled clinical trials." Of course, this does not prevent pharmaceutical companies from selling and marketing the product.

If you still want to try it, let us warn you not to neglect to consult your doctor.

Does Kiklou menstrual panties disturb the vaginal flora?

Never! Kiklou menstrual panties are a healthy alternative to menstrual products. Harmful chemicals such as chlorine bleach, perfume or dioxin in disposable pads are not found in our menstrual panties. It does not contain heavy and chemical antibacterial applications that may disrupt the vaginal flora and cause the destruction of good bacteria. Its bacteriostatic effect is provided by advanced textile technology.

No chemicals harmful to human and environmental health are used in the production process. Our 100% organic cotton, which we use in the inner layer of our panties and in the crotch of some absorbency levels, in contact with the skin, is GOTS ( Global Organic Textile Standard ) certified. All of our technical fabrics have been tested in internationally accredited EKOTEKS laboratories, and it has been documented that none of our fabrics contain substances harmful to human and environmental health.


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