Vaginal Dryness

Vajinal Kuruluk


Vaginal dryness is a condition that is usually encountered during sexual intercourse and interrupts the intercourse experience. However, it is quite common for many biological women of different age ranges to experience vaginal dryness at some point in their lives.

What are the possible causes of vaginal dryness?

There are two main causes of vaginal dryness. The first of these is the change in estrogen and progesterone hormones, which affect the secretory glands in the vagina. The second is the inability of the glands to produce enough secretion, although there is no change in hormones.

Although vaginal dryness is common at all ages and periods, this condition may increase during menopause. With the decreasing estrogen level during menopause, the tissue of the vulva and vagina becomes thinner and loses its flexibility over time. If you are going through menopause, you may be experiencing vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness that occurs with menopause is usually a natural process.

You may have different agendas related to your health. Read on for other health conditions and health issues.

Health conditions that can cause vaginal dryness

Breastfeeding and childbirth
Use of birth control pills
Cancer treatments, including chemotherapy and hormone therapy
Anti-estrogen drugs used in the treatment of endometriosis and fibroids
some antidepressants and antihistamines
Removal of the ovaries
Sjögren's syndrome (an autoimmune disorder that causes dryness in the body)

Vaginal dryness that occurs when everything is fine in your body may be due to the perfumed or soapy intimate products you use, or due to not being sufficiently aroused before sexual intercourse.

How to deal with vaginal dryness during sexual experiences?

Vaginal dryness usually shows its symptoms during sexual intercourse. Pain, bleeding, burning, frequent urination and urinary tract infections may occur during sexual intercourse without the vagina being lubricated enough. These results can lead to sexual reluctance.

If; If you feel aversion to your partner due to vaginal dryness and you start to feel bad , stop there! Give yourself time to relax and focus on the solution.

Make sure you are stimulated before intercourse and your vagina is wet.
Communicate more openly with yourself and your partner.
Spend more time on foreplay.
Get help from lubricating creams and gels or sex toys.

Take care not to use perfumed soaps and sprays for vulva and vagina hygiene.

Attention! Vegetable oils such as grape seed, olive, sunflower, coconut can be recommended to be used to lubricate the vagina. Care should be taken to use natural oils only as external lubricants before intercourse.

You will use lubricant, let's point out that oil-based lubricants can damage condoms. Preferably water-based lubricants suitable for the pH of the vagina are recommended for use with condoms.

If what you've tried isn't working, if your vaginal dryness continues and it's starting to affect your daily life negatively, if you're starting to notice unusual conditions in the vagina - discharge, bleeding, burning, pain - you should consult a specialist as soon as possible. While investigating the cause of vaginal dryness, physical examination, analyzes and tests may be needed after listening to the history of the complaint.

In summary; no shame or boredom about vaginal dryness. There is talking, sharing, then focusing on the solution.

We wish your vaginal and mental comfort to always be in place. We, as Kiklou, are here to feel more comfortable together.

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