Sustainable Washing Habits - Part 2

Sürdürülebilir Yıkama Alışkanlıkları - Part 2

We question our washing habits for a more sustainable life.

From alternative laundry solutions to water and energy saving, we continue to share with you in short articles how we can protect our future, starting today.

Wash your clothes with you!

Although washing clothes by hand may seem like a troublesome task, it is possible to make this process easier by including it in your daily routine. For example; When you go into the shower, you can take a few pieces of your clothes to be washed, throw some soap on the floor, and use your feet instead of the machine drum. When you make it a part of your life, you will see that it is not as difficult as you think.

Prioritize class A machines for energy efficiency!

Washing machines are one of the machines that consume the most energy at home. Moreover, if it is not chosen correctly, it consumes twice as much water per load. The first step is to turn to energy-saving machines; But there is so much more we can do.
Except for oil-stained laundry, you can wash your other laundry at low temperature. You can switch to detergents that work well with cold water. Rinsing with cold water makes your clothes as clean as rinsing with hot water.
Operate the machine at full capacity as much as possible and be careful not to exceed the capacity. All this to save energy and water.

Hang dry!

Clothes dryers are truly environmentally hostile devices. Not using these machines, which cause an average of half a ton of carbon dioxide emissions per year, is one of the biggest precautions that can be taken against global warming. If you can't give up, you can reduce it. How?
You can throw clothes together in a similar structure into the machine. If you are going to dry two machines, you can throw away the other immediately after one is finished. In this way, you can save the energy that the machine will consume while reheating.
Don't forget to run it at full capacity, check the filters frequently, and hang your clothes to dry in nice weather.

Let it stay wrinkled!

Ironing clothes not only consumes time but also energy and can damage the fabric.
It is best to hang the clothes as they come out of the machine and allow the wrinkles to release by gravity, or to consider fabric options that will wrinkle less when purchasing new clothes.

There are laundromats!

Even though the habit of using a laundry is not compatible with our culture, it is worth changing our habits for a sustainable life. You can take the first step by exploring the laundries around you and declare those who use environmentally friendly detergents as your favorite tradesmen, because they deserve it.

Forget dry cleaning!

Traditional dry cleaning causes more harm to the environment and human health than we realize. The chemical called 'PERC' used during dry cleaning has harmful effects on important organs of our body and our nervous system.
For those looking for an alternative solution, there is that too! Choose clothes that do not require dry cleaning, the labels of the clothes will help you find the right one.

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