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Summer is the season that many people look forward to, watch their way, and can't get enough of commemorating in #tbts. Even though it's not my favorite season, I also have little moments of summer that I love. I hope it doesn't come to mind like a fire at the beach, "Mediterranean Evenings" with a guitar in the background, or happy hour on the beaches 🥲 The simpler moments, joys and happiness I'm talking about. The feeling of the sun leaking through the straw umbrella on my skin, my red cheeks that look as if the sun has kissed my cheeks with its lipstick and left a mark after the first day I sunbathed, the soft warm sand under my feet, the first bite of an ice-cold watermelon makes me feel cool. (Yes I'm a little romantic 🥰)

On the other hand, there are a few reasons why I don't miss writing at all, in my opinion.

😮‍💨 Nappy rash caused by hot weather when I wear shorts or skirts due to increased humidity and my chubby legs.

👩🏼‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏻No chance to have sex in an air-conditioned room due to sticky skin (I hope my mom doesn't read this 🙈).

🩸 getting menstruation in the summer is one of the other things I don't like. The weather is hot, soggy, and painful. My hot water bag, which normally hugs my menstrual cramps like a friend, is my enemy in summer.

🦟 Vampire female mosquitoes, who are thirsty for your blood and are responsible for sleepless nights (male mosquitoes do not suck blood. Let's leave this general culture information here😌)

Since Kiklou came into my life, there are also points that have turned from negative to positive. In the past, I couldn't tell if there was a pad / tampon leak from my bottom sweat, or I couldn't find a disposable product alternative that was thin, breathable and uncomfortable. Thanks to the menstrual panties, these anxieties and discomfort were replaced by comfort and peace. For example, I have white trousers that I wear without waiting for the summer. Now I wear it with great comfort on the days when I get my period.

Finally, we have a menstruation swimsuit, which I will call a friend, this is innovation. I wish these technologies existed before, thanks to our menstrual bikini bottom, which I am proud to create, it is now a great pleasure to swim on the light days of my period. I also love the pattern of our swimsuit, which I wear with peace of mind while sunbathing, swimming, playing beach tennis, reading a book on the beach.

Although it is still not my favorite season, thanks to Kiklou products, my reasons for liking summer have increased and getting my period in the summer heat has started not so bad.

👙What is menstrual bathing suit?
It is a swimsuit/bikini bottom that you can wear alone on light bleeding days, absorbs your menstrual bleeding quickly and is leak-proof thanks to the honeycomb-textured absorbent layer in the crotch and the sealed layer positioned inside the swimsuit.

⛱ What does it do?
It is designed for you to swim, sunbathe on the beach and enjoy yourself when you have your period.

Kiklou menstrual swimwear 'Splash' and menstrual panties collection only on 🌿 Click now to review.

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