How to Use Menstrual Panties, How to Clean, How Many Hours to Wear?

Regl Külodu Nasıl Kullanılır, Nasıl Temizlenir, Kaç Saat Giyilir?

What is custom and how has it been managed throughout history?

Menstruation or menstruation; These are the days when the bleeding that occurs as a result of the breakdown of the uterine walls in an average 28-day cycle is eliminated from the body in an average of 3-6 days. We are trying to manage these days, where we are bleeding involuntarily, even in the dusty pages of history. When we scan the examples that have been preserved from past to present, the first thing we come across is tampons made from papyrus in Ancient Egypt. We have tried and are trying to manage our menstrual periods with different materials in different geographies with similar logic. So far, two different types of menstrual products have been developed in terms of usage methods: Menstrual products positioned inside the vagina and menstrual products positioned outside the vagina.

Although each body has its own comfort zone, more intelligently designed menstrual products have begun to be designed with developing technology. Menstrual panties were developed with the advancement of textile technology, thanks to the combination of breathable and liquid-proof fabric layers, combining the absorbent mesh area with the comfort of panties.

When to use menstrual panties?

Kiklou menstrual panties are designed to be used during menstrual periods with their absorbent, leak-proof and breathable structure. While some periods of the menstrual cycle may occur earlier, some periods may occur later. Menstrual panties can also be worn for unexpected menstrual bleeding before your period or for bleeding that occurs 1-2 days after you think your period is over.

It is normal for vaginal discharge to increase and decrease during the menstrual cycle. If you want, you can also use menstrual support panties in your daily life to manage vaginal discharge. This way, you can eliminate daily pads from your life, which do not breathe and pose a threat to your health. 🙂

Once you get to know your own body, you won't believe how much easier menstrual panties make your life!

How to choose menstrual support panties? How many hours to wear?

The most important thing to consider when choosing menstrual support panties is how much you bleed. You can create a menstrual panty set suitable for your cycle by considering the menstrual products you have used on your menstrual days so far. As Kiklou, we have designed menstrual panties with two different absorbencies and two different models for you. You can safely wear menstrual support panties for up to 12 hours by choosing them according to the day you bleed.

Super Menstrual Panties

Bleeding intensity may be different on each menstrual day. On days when you have heavy menstrual bleeding, you can safely use our menstrual panties with high absorbency volume, which we call "Super". Super menstrual panties provide protection equivalent to 3-4 regular pads or 4-5 regular tampons and feel dry. You can use super menstrual panties as menstrual panties during the day or at night.

Little Menstrual Panties

You can easily manage non-heavy menstrual days with "Little" menstrual panties designed for light or normal bleeding days. Little menstrual panties provide protection equivalent to 1-2 regular pads or 2-3 regular tampons, the organic cotton fabric in the crotch absorbs the liquid and makes you feel dry. Periods can sometimes come earlier than expected, or when you think they're over, they're not actually over. You can manage unexpected bleeding by starting to wear Little period panties when your period is approaching or when you think your period is over.

Bikini and Brief Models

While some of us feel more comfortable with clothes that hug our body during our periods, some of us feel more comfortable with clothes that feel like they don't exist. As Kiklou, we designed two different menstrual panty models taking these needs into consideration. The Brief model meets all your menstrual needs with its fit that covers the butt and belly, and the Bikini model meets all your needs during the menstrual period with its low waist design.

How to clean and wash menstrual panties?

One of the many advantages of using menstrual panties is that there is no "it's over..." crisis that occurs with disposable menstrual products. You can open your laundry drawer whenever you need, put it on and continue your day. You can wash menstrual support panties after use and wear them again and again for many years. The better he takes care of his panties, the longer their lifespan will be. Let's talk about how you can take better care of your menstrual panties!

Before First Use

We recommend that you wash your panties once before first use. We recommend this preliminary washing rather than for hygiene purposes, so that the technology in the absorbent layers of the panties is activated and the absorbency performance is achieved at the highest level from the first wear.

You can wash it in the machine (low speed) without using softener or by hand at up to 30°C or 40°C.

Step 1:

It is very important to rinse your Kiklou panties under cold water immediately after each use. While holding the laundry under cold water in the sink, squeeze the mesh part with your hands as much as possible to drain the absorbed blood. At this stage, you need to be careful not to bend the layers too much.

Step 2:

You can wash menstrual panties in the washing machine or by hand. For deep cleaning, we recommend washing in the washing machine.

After step 1, you can immediately machine wash (low speed - 800 max) or hand wash at 30°C or 40°C. Or you can put it in the dirty basket so it can breathe and wash it on the next laundry day. There is no harm in washing it with other dirty laundry of similar colour. We recommend that you wash your menstrual panties by placing them in a net if you have them at home.

You can use detergent; However, to preserve our leak-proof technology and ensure the longevity of Kiklou menstrual panties, we do not recommend using softeners, bleaching products and ironing.

Step 3:

After washing, you can dry your panties by laying them "flat" on the drying rack or by hanging them from both ends of the elastics without bending the absorbent part. Thus, it will both maintain its shape and dry without damaging the absorbent technology.

We would like to share that you should definitely not put it in the dryer; if you do, it may lose its function completely. You should also avoid drying using strong heat sources such as hair dryers, radiators, irons and direct intense sunlight.

Menstrual panties make your life easier and allow you to have more comfortable and environmentally friendly menstrual periods. They embrace you. 🙂 If you have any questions, you can reach us at . Our team is happy to assist you!

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