Can you exercise while on your period?

Regl iken spor yapılır mı?

There is one of the most curious subjects about the menstrual period on our agenda.

"Can I do sports during my period?"
"Are there any drawbacks to doing sports while menstruating?"
"Is my period cut off while doing sports?"

The questions go long, but let's say it without further ado. During the menstrual period, you can easily do sports.

The amazing effects of sports

Some of us might say right now, "We can't get out of bed, what sport, Kiklou?!"

Research shows that; The endorphin hormone we secrete while doing sports relieves cramps, low back and headaches significantly.

Exercises without forcing the body using light weights reduce uterine contractions. For this reason, we can invest in those days by adding sports to our lives, not only during menstruation days, but also between two periods.

Those who have sports in their daily routine can be comfortable as of now, those who will just start can save themselves from being confined to the bed :)

Of course, without forgetting to communicate with ourselves, listen to our body, and take care of our needs...

Let's talk about these now.

Get to know your body before adding exercise to your cycle.

First of all, we need to know our menstrual cycle while doing sports. The menstrual cycle consists of 4 phases: menstrual phase, follicular phase, ovulation, and luteal phase.

The first phase, the follicular phase, continues from the day the menstrual bleeding begins until ovulation (on the average 14th day of the menstrual cycle). The luteal phase covers the period from ovulation to the day when menstrual bleeding begins.

The way that regular exercises can be beneficial is to plan sports activities according to the menstrual cycle.

According to experts; In the second week of the menstrual cycle, intense exercises that you are used to can be done. It is useful to rest, especially in the first 3 days of menstrual bleeding.

Which exercise should be done in which phase?

- Testosterone rises in the body during ovulation and is the best time for high-intensity training and cardio exercise due to its energy level.

- Late follicular and middle luteal phase estrogen is higher. This period, when the mood also rises, is a time when you can be more motivated for sports. The ability to activate the muscles increases. Since estrogen has a protective effect against muscle damage, post-exercise pain is less experienced during this period.

Estrogen and progesterone rise together in the luteal phase. Basal body temperature rises. For this reason, those who prefer long-term and light-paced sports such as running, cross country, rowing may need to struggle a little more in a hot environment. After the 3rd week, intensive training should be replaced by restorative exercises such as yoga and pilates. Optimal times for moderate-paced long walks and low-intensity exercise, rather than strength training and strenuous exercise.

In order to spend the days of menstrual bleeding more painlessly, light yoga poses, poses that will activate the body such as the menstrual-reducing frog sitting pose are ideal. We don't need to tell you that regular yoga practitioners should avoid inverted postures, we think :)

We think that light-paced walks are always beneficial for everyone.

Effects of sports while relieving your pain; You can rely on Kiklou menstrual panties for a leak-free, free and comfortable menstrual experience.

If you want to leave your current/leakage/interruption worries behind and enjoy moving freely in your menstrual cycle, meet your new "sport buddy" Kiklou right away.


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