Butt Pimples

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Pimples are tiny monsters that make life unpleasant. It creates trauma in adolescence, undermines one's self-confidence, and appears out of nowhere in adulthood, just before an important date or as a symptom of PMS. Pimples on the buttocks are more likely to be hidden (until you wear a Brazilian bikini in the summer) and those that are in the background (until the pain makes it difficult to sit in a chair).

Why does acne appear on the butt?

Those that form on the butt may not always be a real pimple. Although it is confused because it resembles acne in appearance, the reason for these formations may be different.

E, if my butt isn't acne, what is? ' There are several possible answers.

1) What is folliculitis?

The condition, which is referred to as folliculitis in medicine, is explained as the inflammation of the hair follicles as a result of their clogged and infected with bacteria. Clogged hair follicles look like acne or clogged pores . Folliculitis can be caused by bacteria or fungus. Even though you have oil glands on your butt skin, they usually don't produce enough oil to cause acne. Instead, they come back to you as butt rashes and lumps like a ball of light. Waxing, excessively tight and damp clothes, friction and sweating may be the cause of this condition.

2) What is Keratosis pilaris?

Keratosis pilaris is a skin condition caused by the accumulation of dead skin cells at the root of the hair. It is also known as "chicken skin disease" because it manifests itself as hard small red bumps on the skin. Although there is no complete cure for hereditary keratosis pilaris, a healthier skin appearance can be achieved with various methods.

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3) What is a boil?

Boils are painful formations that occur as a result of infection caused by bacteria called Staphylococcus . This bacterium enters the body through the hair follicles and begins to multiply in the surrounding fat layer. The boil, which begins to form like a small pimple, gradually becomes larger and turns into a large painful mass. Factors such as oily skin type and excessive sweating can increase the formation of boils.

Although it is very rare for the formations on the butt to be acne, it is possible, but most likely, the ones you come across are folliculitis or boils. There are butt treatments that you can apply at home with peeling and antibacterial products. We recommend that you consult a dermatologist in painful and recurrent cases.

Last word

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