Period Delay Drugs and Their Side Effects

Regl Geciktirici İlaçlar ve Yan Etkileri

Visualize it in your mind.

There is a plan that you have been waiting for for a long time and you realize that your period will coincide with that plan. A thought crosses your mind. “Wouldn't it be great if I could delay my period by just a few days?” This is not a fantasy, either. There is a way to delay your period (a little).

There are many questions in our minds about delaying menstruation.

Although the menstrual cycle is a normal and healthy part of life, in some exceptional times, different methods are used to delay menstruation. The questions are simple: Is it possible to delay it with medical drugs or herbal methods? What are the side effects? Delaying your menstrual cycle is safe and effective when you manage the process with appropriate medical advice. Here's what you need to know about delaying your period and how to do it safely, according to reproductive health experts. However, we recommend that you always consult your doctor before using delaying drugs because you are experiencing a hormonal load.

How do period delaying drugs work?

Period delaying drugs, which you can find in pill or tablet form, simply contain synthetic hormones that mimic progesterone (one of the main hormones that control menstrual activity). During the menstrual cycle, the level of progesterone ( the hormone that prepares the body for pregnancy) in the body decreases, causing the lining tissue that thickens on the inner wall of the uterus to bleed and shed. When delaying medication is used, progesterone levels are kept high and menstruation does not start. So, rather cleverly, your body is tricked into thinking it's pregnant, preventing the shedding of the inner wall lining that's thickened to hold the baby in. But an important footnote: These drugs do not prevent pregnancy. If you use a period delayer and do not want to get pregnant, you still need to be protected.

When should retarders be used?

Experts say that these medications should be started 3 days before the expected menstrual period . They add that there is no harm in using the drug for two weeks and that your period will be delayed while the drug is used. If your progesterone levels drop two or three days after stopping the drug, your period will begin. You can mark the day it starts as the beginning of the new cycle. In addition, we should point out that there is not enough scientific data to support the validity of natural solution suggestions such as cinnamon, parsley tea and rosemary, which are frequently mentioned in the media as natural menstrual delayers.

Using period delayers should not be made a habit.

Now let's talk some science. Using these medications should not be made a habit. The harmony of hormones in your body is the most important element that shapes the pattern of the menstrual cycle. Side effects of the drugs used upon doctor's recommendation have not been detected; However, it is known that delaying drugs used indiscriminately are risky in terms of side effects. It is better to use it with the doctor's recommendation and permission after the person's intrauterine structure and tissue are checked.

What are the Side Effects?

  • Irregular vaginal discharge
  • Tenderness in breasts
  • Swelling
  • Nausea
  • Change in menstrual cycle
  • mood changes

When do menstrual delaying drugs not work?

Medicines can generally show their effects in every situation in which they are used. If medications are started to be used later than the specified time, menstrual delay may not occur. Especially in individuals with high body mass index, the drug dose may be insufficient and the probability of failure of the application may increase.

Experts say that there is no scientific side effect of drinking alcohol with these drugs, but it may be better not to consume alcohol within a few hours after using the drug in order to avoid risks.

People Who Should Not Use Menstrual Delaying Drugs

We mentioned above that menstrual delayers contain the hormone progesterone. Patients for whom the use of this drug is not suitable are as follows:

  • Liver tumor patients
  • breast cancer patients
  • Patients who had jaundice during pregnancy
  • Patients with severe vascular disease
  • Patients who are pregnant or may be pregnant
  • People breastfeeding babies
  • Patients with abnormal vaginal bleeding who have not been evaluated by a gynecologist
  • Patients suffering from angina, heart attack or stroke due to clot

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