Menstrual Awareness Activism

Regl Farkındalığı Aktivizmi

Having a menstrual period, getting sick, getting stained, getting colored, getting dirty, having an aunt come...

In your opinion, why do you think that although it is a normal cycle of the woman's body, one of its biological functions, extraordinary efforts have been made by societies for centuries, rather than being openly expressed, and it has been seen as something that women have to endure, like a punishment assigned to them, and that should not be talked about openly, or on the contrary, should be hidden?

Let us answer for you; TABOOES !

Another world is possible!

Because when we take a historical journey to the past, we see that; outside of these societies; There are also cultures where menstruation is not considered "pollution", "disease" or a source of shame, and calendars are shaped according to the menstrual cycles of time. Even this is the most concrete indicator that the issue is entirely the fiction of society and culture.

Today, menstrual awareness activists are starting from this very point, turning this natural situation, which has become a taboo from past to present, into a social movement, challenging all established negative perceptions and insisting that women have the support they need to live a healthy and happy life throughout their cycles and lives. It does.

We have compiled for you the activists who contribute to this movement around the world and try to raise awareness about the taboos created by social norms, the problems of access to hygienic products caused by menstrual poverty, and the related health problems experienced by women, girls and everyone else who menstruates.

Rupi Kaur

Canadian Poet

In 2015, Kaur posted a photo on Instagram of herself lying on her bed wearing tracksuit pants stained with period blood. The app deleted the photo, which prompted Kaur to take to Facebook to write an eloquent post about the incident. “I will not apologize for not feeding the ego and pride of the misogynistic society that causes trouble when I put my body in their underwear and bleed a little, while your pages are filled with countless photos/accounts of women (many of whom are underage) who are objectified, pornified, and treated as non-humans.” he wrote.

The post served as a gateway to highlighting society's stigma around menstruation. Instagram later apologized in an email for removing the post from its apps and later restored the image.

İlayda Eskitaşçıoğlu & Bahar Aldanmaz

Two Academician Friends, Founders of We Need to Talk Association

The duo is working to solve the problems of access to hygienic products for women and girls living in rural and disadvantaged areas of Turkey . The association was established in 2016; To date, it has reached tens of thousands of women and children from Hakkari to Sivas, from Adana to Ankara.

Candice Chirwa

Menstrual activist, speaker and academic

A young South African working to end period poverty. Chirwa, who declares herself the “Minister of Menstruation” on social media, is working to bring menstrual education not only to young women but also to men.

Diipa Büller-Khosla

Indian Influencer

India, one of the countries with the lowest awareness of menstruation, has carried out many campaigns, including the #RedDotChallenge, in cooperation with UNICEF to raise this awareness and continues to work.

Jen Lewis

Activist, Menstrual Designer

She draws attention to menstrual activism with her designs that reveal the beauty in blood. Lewis creates works of art using menstrual blood with her husband, photographer Rob Lewis. The project "The Beauty in Blood" began when Lewis was inspired by getting blood on her fingers while using menstrual cups.


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Last word

Their names and contributions to us are countless, but in summary; Everyone who has a concern with the world and acts with the principle of transforming this concern into constructive activism is actually our source of inspiration, we will continue to share them and more with you from time to time.

Until then, if you want to start somewhere to raise menstrual awareness; You can introduce yourself and those around you to Kiklou menstrual panties, made from waste-free, environmentally friendly materials and certified organic cotton.


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