Organic Cotton VS Traditional Cotton

Organik Pamuk VS Geleneksel Pamuk
Our largest organ, our skin, is exposed to countless chemicals throughout the day without us even realizing it. Today's increasing trend-oriented consumption frenzy causes "clean" content in textiles to be ignored.

One of the effective ways to protect our skin from harmful chemicals; Turning to products made of organic cotton instead of traditional (industrial) cotton.

From where?

GMO technology is used when producing industrial cotton.
➝ The agricultural activities that cause the most harm to nature and humans are industrial cotton production .
➝ It is exposed to chemical fertilizers and pesticides while growing.
➝ Chemicals leaking from cotton fields mix with groundwater, reduce biodiversity, and irreversibly damage the structure of the soil.
➝ When the chemicals that penetrate the structure of the clothing come into contact with the body, they mix with the blood from the skin and cause allergic reactions.
It is the most "dirty" crop in the world because it is among the agricultural products whose structure is most manipulated in the world.

Organic cotton is;

➝ She is sweet :)
➝ GMO seeds are not used during cultivation. It is produced in agricultural areas that have been rested for at least 3 years to be free from prohibited substances.
It has a production process that is controlled by organic farming standards and does not harm nature.
➝ Pesticides are not included in production.
➝ People, animals and nature are not exposed to chemicals.
It releases less carbon emissions.
➝ 60% less water is consumed compared to industrial cotton cultivation.

Less than 1% of the world's cotton supply is organic, 99% is conventional.
As Kiklou, we; We chose to be in the 1% to give our planet the value it deserves.

You can check out our nature and human friendly Kiklou "Little Black" model menstrual panties, made of 100% local and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton, with a chemical-free inner fabric that touches the skin.

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