Menophobia (Fear of Periods)

Menofobi (Regl Korkusu)

Fear, frantic: Phobia

Spiders , darkness, height… We all have some fears in this life. Fears do not always have to be bad, they can be thought of as a kind of defense mechanism. However, at the point when fears turn into phobias, the course of work can change. Phobias are uncontrollable panics and can negatively affect a person's quality of life. Phobias can be acquired in early childhood, most often the first effects are seen between the ages of 15-20. Research shows that biological and environmental factors are effective in the development of phobias.

Fear of menstruation

Menophobia, which we will focus on, is the fear of having a period.

Since menophobia is a psychological problem, not a biological one, it can develop regardless of gender. It usually starts in adolescence in women, from the lack of information and advice about the menstrual period. For men, having sex during menstruation or witnessing the pain of your lover during menstruation can be impressive. People who are not prepared for the situations they face have a higher risk of developing a phobia. In addition to the lack of knowledge, the experiences experienced during the first period (the first menstrual slap, the passing of menstrual blood to the clothes), bloating felt during the menstrual period, mood changes, cramps and similar symptoms can be effective in the development of phobia.

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What are the symptoms of menophobia?

Symptoms of menophobia, which is seen rarely, may vary according to personal anxiety levels. These people may have difficulty in going out and socializing when they are menstruating. Other triggers include fear of pain, blood loss, PMS, and feelings of shame. For a person with menophobia, the thought of a woman having her period, or sometimes just hearing the words "menstruation" or "menstrual" is enough to trigger an anxiety attack.

A person suffering from menophobia may find the menstrual period dirty or meaningless, but this period is one of the most natural parts of human physiology. Menstruation is health, not something to be afraid of or worry about. In particular, it is very important to inform children correctly on this issue and to provide an education that will not cause fear. 

As with all phobias, there is no quick cure for menophobia. If you are experiencing the symptoms we mentioned in some way, it is recommended that you talk to a therapist. 

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