Is it harmful to stand in a wet swimsuit?

Islak mayo ile durmak zararlı mıdır?

When the weather is hot enough to melt asphalt outside, there is nothing like leaving yourself to cool waters and drying in the sun.

But sitting in a wet swimsuit for a long time; Cocktails after the pool-sea may not be as pleasant as the music listened to, the games played, the conversations held, and may cast a shadow over the summer pleasure.

Expert opinion; that sitting in a wet swimsuit can cause many health problems.

The biggest problem; fungal and bacterial infections.

Pool and sea temperature; it slows down the blood flow on the body surface and our defense system begins to weaken. This makes us more vulnerable to infections. No matter how clean the water is; Factors such as the poor functioning of the circulatory system, decreased blood flow, moist air, cold contact create the basis for the existing microbes to settle.

Especially the chlorine used in pools causes the balance of the vaginal flora to deteriorate and the beneficial bacteria to disappear.

When no precautions are taken; It can progress to cystitis, fungal and various urinary tract infections and even kidney problems.

How is urinary tract infection diagnosed?

Common symptoms include burning and pain when urinating, feeling of not being able to finish, wanting to go to the toilet constantly, turbidity in the urine, bleeding, heavy and foul odor, pain in the groin and groin radiating to the back of the back, and fever.

The incidence of urinary tract infection varies depending on gender and age.

Since the external urinary tract of people with biological sex is shorter than those of men, the distance required for bacteria to travel decreases, and this causes urinary tract infections to be seen more frequently in women.

Urinary tract infection is rarely seen in young and adult men, but it starts to increase in older ages. Women are more likely. One third of women have cystitis at least once in their life.

How are fungal infections diagnosed?

Vaginal itching, swelling around the vagina, redness, vaginal rash and pain, gray intense foul-smelling discharge are among the most common yeast infection symptoms.

75% of women have at least 2 fungal infections at some point in their life.

It's okay not to take it lightly. If there are symptoms that you suspect, expert support is essential without wasting time.

Although it is "painful" to experience fungal and urinary tract infections, it can be easily treated in a short time with prescription / non-prescription drugs.

What should be done to prevent infections?

  • Consume plenty of water to both eliminate the loss of fluid in the body and to clean the urinary tract.
  • If you have a choice, choose the sea instead of the pool. Otherwise, choose to be at the pool during quieter hours.
  • Make sure to take a shower and change your wet swimsuit after you get out.
  • Give importance to hygiene in common areas more than ever. Use personal beach items such as towels, not shared.
  • Make sure the lounger cushions are not damp.
  • Keep your genital area clean and dry. Avoid using cosmetic products.

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