The hymen, known (incorrectly) among the people, is the hymen in medicine; It is one of the sexual health issues that we have the most misinformation about.

What is a hymen?

The hymen is a type of mucous tissue at the entrance to the vagina. It has a unique character. Its size, shape and flexibility are individual and may change over time. The hymen, as we often see it in hymen or Google searches, is not something that explodes or deteriorates as in patriarchal minds.

Hymen takes its name from Hymenaios, the god of marriage in ancient Greek mythology. Its only known function is to form a protective shield against possible genital infections by closing the vaginal entrance.

It is very flexible due to its thin slimy structure, and there is a hole in the middle that is large enough to allow menstrual blood to come out. The size of this hole can vary from person to person, and the structure of the hymen also differs.

In some women, it may even be biologically absent.

Virginity Matter

The hymen has been associated with sexual activities for centuries. The presence of the hymen was seen as a means of controlling sexual life as a symbol of virginity. It is still called "the hymen" to represent virginity. This misconception, which has survived from ancient times to the present, makes its presence felt more severely in societies where patriarchal structures are dominant.

The hymen examination, which is popularly known as the virginity examination, cannot give a 100% "correct" result in the determination of virginity, and it constitutes a crime. To examine the document containing the relevant articles from the Turkish Penal Code, you can continue below to read the correct known mistakes about the hymen.

The hymen is not deep in the vagina as it is thought. It is a mucous tissue located at the entrance of the vagina, 1-1.5 cm inside.
The hymen cannot be associated with any sexual activity. There is no scientific basis between it and virginity. “The hymen” is a misnomer. After puberty , with the effect of estrogen hormone, it stretches and its openness increases. If there is no congenital hymenal anomaly, this membrane does not bleed and burst in the first sexual experience that develops well. It just flexes because it has enough clearance. Let's share that the condition called hymen bleeding can occur by forcing the vaginal entrance independent of the hymen.

One of the most terrible consequences of social pressure and the patriarchal system is the operations called hymen repair. In these operations, it is very difficult to understand the logic of the so-called "repair" of the hymen, which is already slimy and has a perforated structure.

Hymen Myths

  • If you search the hymen topic, you will come across many negative connotation-laden titles such as how the hymen is broken or damaged. All of these questions are the product of a wrong mentality based on the association of the vaginal membrane with virginity. hymen; It is difficult to be affected by activities such as jumping rope, cycling, masturbation - as long as no object enters the vagina. However, it is important to know that the hymen is a flexible piece of tissue that gradually wears out to the point of tearing. Such activities can wear out the membrane.
  • However, "being a virgin" does not mean not having sexual intercourse. There are many ways to experience sexual intercourse. Penetration is just one of them. Not every sexual intercourse takes place only vaginally, nor does "losing one's virginity" mean a result of vaginal intercourse.
  • The hymen does not always bleed during the first vaginal intercourse. In this case, if your partner questions you about your past sexual experiences, you don't have to answer. Your sexual history is only your concern.
  • It is almost impossible for you to see the hymen by looking at yourself from the outside. The membrane is not in a structure visible from the outside; It is thin, perforated and flexible.

Last word;

There are hymens, sometimes not. The rest is translation.
To the more free and egalitarian days when the society's perspective on sexual health could be as flexible as the hymen...

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