FemTech: Seeking Gender Equality in Technology

FemTech: Teknolojide Cinsiyet Eşitliği Arayışları

Whatever we call the machine age, automation age, space age, internet age, technology age, we can define the 21st century we live in as an age of transformation shaped around the phenomenon of digitalization, from our life practices to our consumption habits. I wish this transformation would bring gender equality in technology :)

Especially with the pandemic, we have seen that with internet technologies that bring the worlds together on a computer screen and make life easier; This is the new order and it actually does not offer us bad experiences, but as digital life becomes a necessity, it also brings difficulties. So it's a complete paradox...

After the pandemic, Deloitte conducted a research on working women and the two most important facts revealed by the research are as follows:
1. Women have different needs in the field of health compared to men.
2. They cannot easily access the support they can receive at any time of the day.

From where?
Women and everyone else whose biological sex is female; Despite representing half of the planet's population, technology companies that still meet specific healthcare needs represent a very small share of the global market.

In short, the concept of FemTech, that is, Female Technology, is included in our lives and, although it is still very new, it has become the apple of the eye of many technology companies, especially start-ups.

What is Femtech?

It refers to producing innovative and useful solutions by shaping the benefits of developing technologies according to the needs of women in order to balance gender inequalities. Its purpose; To provide services that will ensure women's basic human rights to live well, work, develop and rest, and to implement activities that will support women to have more say.

Working places:

General health
sexual health
Pregnancy and post-pregnancy care
Fertility solutions
Birth control
Chronic conditions and hormonal disorders
Menstrual tracking and management

How did it develop?

The concept of Femtech, which made no sense a few years ago, was first used by Danish entrepreneur Ida Tin. He came into our lives with a menstrual and fertility tracking application called Clue, which he developed, and events developed.

What tools does it use?

Advanced textile technologies
wearable technologies
IoT Technology (Internet of Things)
mobile applications
Diagnostic Tools

We wanted to leave a few of our favorite applications here for those who are curious.
Pepapp: Menstrual Tracking Application
Flo: Menstrual and General Health Tracking
Lioness: Sexual Health
Bonzun: In Vitro Fertilization
Balance: Menopause Support
Fertility Circle: Fertility

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