Facts You Want To Know About Breasts

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We've come to tell you what we know about breasts; because although they are one of the important parts of our reproductive and sexual anatomy, there is a lack of information about the anatomy of the breasts or the existing information is not known enough!

Nozzle Components

Contrary to popular belief, breasts are not just made up of adipose tissue (of course, the amount of fat can affect the size of the breast). Breasts are made up of a combination of fat, fibrous tissues, and glands and ducts that produce breast milk.

Breasts & Menstrual Cycle

Breasts have their own cycles parallel to the menstrual cycle. Changing hormones cause the breast tissue to change weekly. In the days after the menstrual period, the breast tissue becomes smooth thanks to the equal hormones. Due to the increased estrogen level in the middle of the cycle, the nipples may be more sexually sensitive, and the breasts may even grow up to 1 size. Just before a period, progesterone causes the body to swell, ache, and become hypersensitive. 

The Nipple Issue

Not only the nipples, but also the tips are different. Nipples can be protruding, flat, raised, inverted, hairy and rough. All are normal. By the way, having three nipples is not as uncommon as you might think. About 6% of the population have nipples with extra breast tissue.

What determines Breast Size?

Breast sizes are inherited. You have an equal chance of inheriting breast size from your parents. For this reason, your sister's breasts may be larger or smaller than yours. Also, your two breasts are probably not the same as one. Generally, the left breast is about one-fifth larger than the right, according to reports.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the woman with the largest natural breast in the world has a size of 52I, that is, a chest circumference of 177 cm, and her breasts weigh almost 40 kilograms!

Can you orgasm from the nipple?

There are hundreds of nerve endings in our nipples, which makes them extremely sensitive to touch. When your nipples are stimulated, sparks are fired in the region of the brain that activates the vagina and clitoris (we can also call it the genital sensory cortex) . This is why there are people who can orgasm only with nipple stimulation. Let us underline that this is true for every mammalian individual, regardless of biological sex.

Breast sagging and aesthetic operations

Dear @kalbenben said ' Life is short, breasts are drooping '. Right. In addition to the gravity fact, smoking and sleeping position can also accelerate sagging. Some sources do not recommend sleeping in the prone position.

Speaking of sagging; The first breast aesthetics (as a breast augmentation operation) in history took place in 1962. Breast augmentation is the most preferred aesthetic operation in America today.

When is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

In closing, let's remind: October is Breast Cancer awareness month! The most important factor in early detection of breast cancer is to do a manual examination every month . We recommend that every human female over the age of 18 should examine herself and consult a physician in case of abnormal findings such as lumps, swelling, enlargement in her breasts.




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