Covid-19 Vaccine & Menstruation

Covid-19 Aşısı & Regl

Possible side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine are known as fever, headache, and pain in the vaccinated arm for a few days.

It is said that changes in menstrual cycles may be among the unknown vaccine side effects.

Even though they are not listed among the side effects, many people report both on social media and to healthcare providers that there are many people who experience changes in their menstrual patterns after vaccination: an early menstrual period, a heavier period, irregular menstruation...

Since there is no completed research on the relationship between vaccination and menstruation, we cannot comment on the scientific accuracy of these statements; But we are receiving news that this situation may change in the near future. A researcher from Boston University began investigating whether Covid-19 vaccines have an effect on menstruation.

Side effects after vaccination may be caused by immune cells in the uterine wall.

There are theories about what might cause changes in menstruation. It is written that the vaccine may also affect cellular processes in the uterus and ovaries because it triggers an immune system response. As in many parts of the body, there are immune cells in the uterine wall. It is written that many chemical signals occurring in the body after the vaccination may "notify" these immune cells, and upon receiving the news, the uterine wall may break down and be expelled through bleeding, even if it is not yet time. Scientists also underline that this process is not linked to miscarriage. There are also other vaccines that affect menstrual cycles: the flu vaccine and the HPV vaccine to prevent cervical cancer. It is stated that these effects are not long-term.

What is important is that we understand that this side effect (if proven) is a natural consequence of the immune response to the vaccine (and necessary for the vaccine to work) rather than any component of the vaccine. There is also an independent study where menstrual irregularities were observed in a quarter of people who got sick with Covid-19.

The real worrying issue is that menstruating individuals are once again ignored.

The fact that the side effects of the vaccine, menstrual irregularities, have not yet been thoroughly investigated does not worry many experts. In the reported stories, menstrual cycle irregularity appears to be quite short-lived. This situation seems to be recorded as a new neglect of the female body rather than casting any shadow on the safety of the vaccine. We see that the overlooked side effect also concerns individuals who menstruate. So what difference would it make if possible (and uncomfortable but minor) changes in menstruation over a few cycles were included in the official side effect list? The rumors growing around the Covid-19 vaccine and menstruation could have been prevented from evolving into larger conspiracy theories, and their use as one of the arguments against vaccination could have decreased.

Let's remember that prejudice and fear about vaccines arise from inaccurate and insufficient information.


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