On the Discovery of the Vibrator & Its Concussive Effects on Sexuality

Vibratörün Keşfi & Cinselliğe Sarsıcı Etkileri Üzerine

Vibrators are vibrating tools that add a different dimension to sexual pleasure and can be designed in different ways. It is a revolutionary discovery as it makes it easier to achieve vaginal and clitoral orgasm.

We have compiled for you the shocking journey of discovery of the vibrator, which has been the subject of research by historians and archaeologists, but never learned in schools.
The first known vibrators were invented in France in 1734 and are called Tremoussoirs . In 1869, the first steam-powered vibrator was invented by doctor George Taylor, it was called the Manipulator, and it began to be used in the treatment of hysteria.

In the 19th century , hysteria, described as a kind of depression in the female womb, was seen as a diagnosable physical illness that only occurred in women in the 19th century.

Zamane doctors suggest that hysteria can only be cured through sexual arousal, and many different stimuli are called various objects, from pressurized water. In sessions that last hours, women are placed on a table with a ball on it, doctors operate the steam machine that makes the ball vibrate with hand power, and they claim to treat them by reaching orgasm.

With the introduction of electricity into homes at the end of the 19th century, the transformation of the vibrator from steam engines to electrical appliances begins. The transformative effect of the Industrial Revolution finds its reward in the field of medicine, as in many other fields, and a doctor becomes the inventor of the electric vibrator, claiming that the vibrations of small electrical appliances can be used to sexually arouse women. Thus , Dr. Joseph Mortimor Granville patents the first electric vibrator.

On the first electric vibrator, the closest relative of today's vibrators, it says "electronic device for personal use " and talks about magazines as "the epitome of eternal youth, thanks to it you will feel all the pleasures and excitements".

Vibrators, which started to find their place in advertisements in the 1920s, became very popular, and then regulations were made to be advertised on the grounds that they evoked pornography… Until the sexual revolution in the 1960s.

In 1966 Jon H. Tavel applies for a patent for a "cordless electric vibrator for use on the human body" and gets the patent in 1968. Thus, another update is brought to the vibrators. Single-piece, multi-speed adjustable, easy-to-clean new models come into our lives.

From the 1980s, vibrators and sex toys are becoming highly visible in society.

In the '90s, vibrators became more popular when they started appearing from popular TV channels to offline channels. In Sex and the City, Charlotte becomes addicted to a rabbit vibrator; On The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Laura Berman recommends vibrators for mothers to teach their children the concept of clitoral pleasure; It is starting to be sold in popular chain markets such as Target and Walmart.

But today, vibrators are still illegal in many countries and sex toys are still considered taboo. Even if vibrators are sold as massage tools, masturbation is seen as embarrassing, ridiculous, and inferior to having sex with a man. While contraceptives and sex toys for women are strictly regulated, delay pills that improve men's sexual experience are openly promoted.

What shall we say; We wish a free life, a sex-positive future where we can share equal rights under the same sky, even though each of us was born into different cultures in different lands.

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