Overshoot Day for Turkey 🌍

Türkiye için Limit Aşım Günü 🌍

Today is June 22, 2022.

Overshoot Day for Turkey 🌍

In order not to steal resources from future years, we consumed the resources we should have spent in 2022 on June 22, in the middle of the year.

World Overshoot Day has been announced this year as 28 July 2022 .

In the early 1970s, World Overshoot Day was in December. The rate at which we consume the world has increased. We live, spend and consume as if there were 2 worlds. We must postpone this date forward. We have one tiny planet.

World Overshoot Day Image

Image: Overshoot days for different countries. There are also many countries that consume their 2022 resources in a much shorter time. We can't go on with this extravagance :(

What Can We Do Individually?

We can raise a voice for systemic changes, enacting environmentalist laws, keep the issues contributing to the climate crisis on the agenda, include them in conversations, and share on social media.

Meaningful and radical change is possible when governments change and renew existing policies and practices from the lens of the climate crisis; however, we can be the accelerator and facilitator of this change by reviewing our consumption behaviors as individuals.

We can start by making small changes in our daily habits. We can reduce our food waste, eat less meat, and pay attention to our carbon footprint. We can unplug the appliances we don't use.

Building more waste-free lives is being a part of the solution. Reducing consumption (and, of course, waste) and reusing are the best starting points for positive personal impact.

Where is Kiklou in this?

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