Sustainability 101: An Overview of the Concept

Sürdürülebilirlik 101: Kavrama Genel Bir Bakış

A sustainable world, future, habits, technologies, social equality, fashion…

A word that is frequently mentioned in almost all fields that concern the planet: sustainability. How much can we adapt this word, which has taken its place in daily speech, into our lives in practice?

How many of us know what and how much about sustainability?

Let's talk a little bit.

By our nature, we need many things from the moment we are born. To meet these needs, we turn to specific resources. While we make endless use of the resources available at our disposal, we often do not consider the possibility that these resources will one day run out. We didn't think!

This is where the concept of sustainability gains importance in our lives. So how?

What is sustainability?

Sustainability in its simplest form; It means meeting our needs without putting them at risk, considering that future generations may also have these needs while meeting our present needs. So don't be selfish, care about the ecological balance, protect it.

History of the Concept

The concept's entry into our lives dates back to the end of the 19th century, the results of the Industrial Revolution.

Using the existing resources as if there is no tomorrow, together with the changing production process after industrialization, increasing energy need and population, causes the depletion of resources. Non-renewable natural resources such as oil and coal are being used. The development of the industrial sector weakens the agriculture-based economy. Air, water and soil are polluted and when biodiversity suffers from all these, desertification and soil losses begin. Sustainability is on the agenda for the first time in the World Environment Conference Report held in Stockholm in 1972.

It reaches its current definition with the report "Our Common Future" published by the United Nations in 1983 and finds a place for itself in the world development agenda.

Because; After all the efforts to raise the living standards that came with industrialization, many countries continue to struggle with poverty, promises do not bring long-term prosperity and a balance needs to be struck with the environment.

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When it is understood that development cannot be achieved only with economic growth, "sustainable development" enters the literature. In order to increase the level of welfare with sustainable development, besides economic growth, objectives such as social equality, natural environment, gender equality, education, health, production and responsible consumption are also being considered.

For those who want to examine, we have added the link to the " Bibliography " section, where you can find the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

Today, sustainability is a holistic concept with environmental, economic and social dimensions, although its other dimensions are often reduced to protecting the environment.

Sustainable development can only be achieved when environmental protection, economic growth and social development are managed in a balanced way.

Last word

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