A Brief History of Menstrual Products and the Unstoppable Rise of Menstrual Panties

Menstrüel Ürünlerin Kısa Tarihi ve Regl Külodunun Önlenemez Yükselişi

No matter how much historians argue about the past, there is a historical, biological, physiological, fantastic fact that no one questions: We have been bleeding for hundreds of thousands of years. Our extinction depends on our bleeding.


In history, we see that different solutions have been developed for the menstrual period, depending on the conditions of the time and the material available. Unfortunately, "menstrual products" from the past are almost nonexistent; because no one even thought that these products and materials have a cultural significance and that their samples should be preserved. On the contrary, we seem sure that they are hiding in hidden corners as much as possible. For centuries, menstrual blood was considered unclean, and menstruation was defined as the body's purification of poisons and toxins. Dark times, full of superstitions associated with menstruating women, when they were bleeding from the shame of menstruation, and not showing their face in the community they lived in as a "solution"...

The first menstrual products come from Ancient Egypt

According to historians, traces of menstrual products are first encountered in the medical records of the ancient Egyptians. There is talk of a product made of papyrus. Hippocrates reports that a tampon made of mohair wrapped around wood was used in Greece. Paper, seaweed, sea sponges and even buffalo skin appear to be used to manage blood in other parts of the world.

In the 20th century, progressive solutions began to be considered to manage menstrual bleeding. Between 1854 and 1915, twenty patents were filed for menstrual products, including the first menstrual cups (they were usually made of aluminum or hard rubber), rubber joggers (undergarments lined with rubber), and Lister's Towels (the forerunner of maxi pads). Lister's Towels were the first commercial disposable pads introduced to the North American market in 1896. Due to strict advertising restrictions that prevented the pads from being marketed (hello, period taboo!), the venture failed to turn a profit and was eventually discontinued.

The climate crisis requires us to rethink everything.

Fast-forward to today's world parched (or frozen) by the climate crisis, and we see an increased interest and demand for reusable alternatives due to resource scarcity, cost issues, and health concerns. Fortunately, our technology is advanced enough to enable us to produce better, more comfortable, more effective menstrual products.

On Stage: Menstrual Panties

Menstrual panties are actually the technology of primitive pieces of cloth and fabric that our great-great-grandmothers used, washed, boiled and reused to manage menstrual bleeding before (and even after) commercial disposable “hygiene” (in the fingernails because menstrual bleeding is not dirty) products that emerged in the 20th century. is a reinterpretation.

Kiklou menstrual panties are developed using advanced technical textile technology. It is an innovative, environmentally friendly, comfortable menstrual product with a liquid-proof layer, absorbent, machine washable and reusable. Thanks to its smart fabric layers, it quickly absorbs and traps the liquid. It is a liberating solution that does not interfere with your daily life and flow, and allows you to experience the comfort and peace of mind of other days even when you are bleeding.

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