Facts About Intim Cleaning Products

Vajina ve vulvada kullanılması için önerilen genital, intim temizlik ürünleri hakkında Kiklou regl külodu markasının Blog görseli

You came face to face with these products in supermarket aisles and pharmacy shelves. You have seen product lists with price information in magazines or in digital content that talks about the sensitivity of your "genital area". Users were delighted to think that they were taking better care of themselves than non-users, while non-users were slyly worried that they weren't taking care of themselves that well.

All of them unite in one purpose: cleansing the reproductive organs.

Even though it comes with different names, there is a product that is essentially the same: Intim cleaning product . Intimate washing lotion, intim wipes, intim cleaning wipes, genital area cleansing gel, daily genital washing gel, hygienic area cleaner, intim care set... Do not look at these kinds of names that we are obsessed with for "intim" and "hygienic"; they all come together under a single purpose: cleaning the reproductive organs (in the form of gel, cream, deodorant or wipes).

Are you using intim cleaning products for "bad" odor?

Before these products, which are marketed for cleaning the vulva and for their deodorizing properties, we must address the "odor" issue. For the most part, the smells you get from your genitals are perfectly normal. Your vagina (the channel within the body that runs from the vulva to the uterus) may smell . Remember that it is full of bacteria. You have sweat and sebaceous glands adjacent to your genitals; They can also cause odor. The smell alone does not indicate that something is wrong. However, if there are other conditions accompanying the odor (more discharge than normal, yellow or green discharge, pain, itching, burning, redness, swelling in the lymph nodes, etc.), there may be an abnormality in the situation. Only your doctor can diagnose this.

You need to know about vulva and vagina cleaning.

As a matter of fact, all these cleaning products that are marketed as against odor and that are said to keep the pH value of our "intim" region at the required value are quite unnecessary. Vaginas are self-cleaning anyway. The vulva (the outer part of the female genitalia) is not self-cleaning, but hosts a unique microbiota, a wide variety of microorganisms. Studies on "Intim" cleaning products (unfortunately few) have observed that the use of these products on the vulva may increase the risks of bacterial and urinary tract infections.

It is written that these products can inhibit the growth of healthy bacteria needed to fight infection.

We repeat: The vulva and (especially) vagina do not need to be cleaned with special products. It is recommended that you leave your vagina on its own. You can wash your vulva with just water instead of using special "intim" products that you buy at exorbitant prices. Soaps, perfumed products, creams, gels... they can all do more harm than good.

Are Kiklou menstrual panties healthy?

Yeah! Kiklou menstrual panties are a healthy alternative to menstrual products. Harmful chemicals such as chlorine bleach, perfume or dioxin in disposable pads are not found in our menstrual panties. It does not contain heavy and chemical antibacterial applications that may disrupt the vaginal flora and cause the destruction of good bacteria. Its bacteriostatic effect is provided by advanced textile technology. No chemicals harmful to human and environmental health are used in the production process.

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